What is the price of a MotoGP suit ?

What is the price of a MotoGP suit ?

leather motorcycle suit is made of top quality to ensure the highest security of the motorbike rider. To determine the MotoGP suit’s price you must calculate every item that is included within the category of the MotoGP suit. The MotoGP suite comes with gloves, a yamaha motorcycle jacket, and boots. Other important aspects are the leather’s quality (cowhide leather as well as kangaroo) as well as customization and brand names.

Leather Suit

  • The KTM motorcycle riding suit are created to offer the rider complete protection who are on rough roads. The suit’s leather is specially designed to protect the rider from damage cuts, and resistance to traction.
  • An elasticated insert can add value to the leather motorcycle suit, which enhances the suit’s properties for adapting to the body’s shape and size as it alters shape and moves when cycling.
  • The best quality elbow and knee protectors shield the knee and elbow of the rider at dangerous turning points.
  • The motorbike suite is composed of two distinct kinds of leather Cowhide and Kangaroo and the prices vary between them.

Cowhide Leather

Very commonly used leather is utilized in motorcycle suits. Genuine cowhide grain mild leather that has 1.3-1.4mm thickness and all sponsor labels, cuffs, and calf outer shoulder and elbow and knee protection is offered in the international e-commerce market for between $550 – $700.

Kangaroo Leather

The kangaroo leather is somewhat expensive and more durable as when compared to cowhide. It provides more protection for the rider during top-class racing. With all the standard characteristics such as 1.3-1.4mm thickness, sponsored labels, and cuffs as well as the outer shoulder. Elbow, and knee guards. This kind of motorbike suit is priced in the price range of $850-$1000.

Leather Gloves

  • The gloves made of leather from MotoGP are designed for the protection of the riders’ hands and wrist bones.
  • There is a material called Cardura which is highly regarded due to its outstanding durability and resistance to abrasion.
  • The motorbike glove leather is constructed from three kinds of cowhide, sheep, and kangaroo leather
  • The leather gloves made of cowhide have an initial cost of between $90 and $110.
  • The sheep leather is expensive since the sheep leather is more comfortable due to its soft skin. Leather gloves made from sheep cost around $130-$150 or more.
  • The most expensive kangaroo leather price and the most protective is around $200-250 or more.

Motorbike Boots

The motorbike boots give all-encompassing coverage to the foot. They usually have more than regular boots to provide greater protection and the possibility of injury during the racing time. The cost of motorcycle boots differs according to their appearance, protection capabilities, and designs. You can purchase good-quality boots for $200 to $400.


When we think of MotoGP suits and accessories, there are lots of people who would like their names or sponsors’ names in the dress. Additionally, they want customized sizes based on their body type, custom colors, as well as other customization. In comparison to a standard motorbike suit, or any other item, the custom price is more expensive. As an example, suppose you’re purchasing a motorcycle suit for $700, but if you wish to customize it, you will have to spend more, for example, $800, $900, and so on.

Cowhide motorbike suit VS kangaroo motorbike suit

It is a common and long-running discussion on cowhide leather and kangaroo skin two distinct kinds of leather which are utilized in a variety of items today. All the leathers have distinctive qualities and characteristics. The cowhide and kangaroo are used in these items based on their qualities as well as trends and requirements.

When discussing the motorcycle suit archives and the history of motorbike suits, it’s difficult to determine the type of leather suit that is the most suitable. Some opinions say that the cowhide is the better choice, while others say that the kangaroo leather is better. We’ve researched both kinds of leather: both cowhide and kangaroo. Both types of leather have distinctive characteristics. Let’s take examine these features.

Motorbike outfit made of cowhide

It is the most popular type of leather and is employed in a one-piece motorcycle suit and vests, gloves for bikers, bikes, pants, and probably all the other items that a cyclist wears to protect himself or herself on the track. It is one of the reasons it is readily available on the market and provides an extremely high level of security to the driver on the race track. There is a rough and grainy finish on the cowhide leather which is extremely durable. Similar to the footwear you put on the leather motorcycle suit will soften and become more comfortable as time passes.

Cowhide isn’t the most affordable leather available, however, cowhide leather has an immense value when we talk about the level of security and comfort that it provides to cyclists. we need exercise for this

There are also some drawbacks of cowhide leather in comparison to the Kangaroo. The thickness of the cowhide leather suit is usually 1.3-14mm which is 20-30% more heavy than a kangaroo’s suit and 35% heavier than a cotton suit. The cowhide leather needs to be kept clean and well-conditioned to ensure its longevity.

Kangaroo leather motorbike outfit

Kangaroos aren’t just adorable and cuddly animals or boxing fighters, as we are all aware of it however they also have the most durable hide. Kangaroo leather is also known as K-leather. It is also thought to be the top leather in the world of sports. In essence, it is used in high-end motorbike equipment. The main benefit of kangaroo’s skin is that it offers a greater degree of protection, which gives riders more confidence on the race track. Kangaroos don’t have the same amount of fat that other animals, such as sheep and cows, which leather is used in MotoGP gears, or other sports. The kangaroo’s leather doesn’t need to be cut excessively during the process of manufacturing. This helps to keep the skin intact and improves the quality and strength of the skin.

The Kangaroo appears cute, cuddly, and soft, its skin is naturally soft, light, and flexible. Kangaroo leather can be divided, similar to cowhide, however, the difference is that, after splitting, the leather of the kangaroo retains its force when compared with cowhide. The kangaroo skin is much less thick than cowhide, or lambskin. The skin’s thin layer makes for a very light two-piece motorbike racing outfit. Kangaroo leather is thought to be superior due to its thickness and has a better break-in and is more comfortable than cowhide.



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