People frequently use terms like “custom design” or “custom website design” without fully understanding what they mean. We encounter businesses that come to us with Custom Designed Websites that are experiencing “custom” problems on a daily basis.

In reality, these are simple WordPress template websites that were sold to them at an exorbitant price because of their flashy colors and images. To be clear, this is not a customized design! In fact, it’s not even close to web development… but that’s another story.

We’d like to help. We want to help any developers you might work with in the future. We hope that by the end of this article, you and your website developer will be speaking the same language and working toward the same goal. With our inexpensive website design expertise, you will stand out from the crowd.


Simply put, custom website design is the incorporation of your company’s essence, interests, and goals into a visually appealing state that can be displayed across a variety of outlets. When combined with your company’s website, this design will serve as a direct reflection of the overall image of the company. Even minor details, such as a company’s location in a city like Philadelphia or Denver, as well as its e-commerce capabilities, can be included in the design. Visitors to your page will get exactly what you want them to get. Professional web design is an art that combines science and art. It is not something that can be accomplished by reading a few online How-To articles before diving in.

Small details that only a trained eye can notice contribute to a better overall User Experience for the average visitor. Buttons, images, icons, videos, and other elements are not haphazardly placed. Instead, designers thoroughly research industry trends, target audiences, and the specific business before beginning work. When the page is responsive, so must the design. If you talk to someone in the morning about a Custom Website design and they have it ready for you by the evening, chances are your website isn’t as customized as they claim.

Web Design Is Always Changing.

 In today’s world, a great logo from 20 years ago will look dated. A fantastic logo design creates the first impression. This is why logos must be “tuned up” every few years or so. Remember when Google changed its logo in September 2015? The change was quickly noticed given the company’s size and exposure. Some people criticized it, while others praised it. But look again at the logo. We can’t imagine the company ever not having a logo like this. This is due to Google anticipating a shift in modern design trends (such as minimalism and soft edges) and making changes to remain current. The last thing you or your business needs is to appear aged. 

Good web designer keeps up with their field and incorporates what they learn into their work on a regular basis. A template website will not represent your company’s most important features. As an example, we worked for a pizzeria, which, naturally, displayed its menu on its website. When we analyzed their online menu during the early stages of development, we noticed that it differed from their in-store menu in that it lacked the restaurant’s medium-sized pizza. When we asked why they simply said that their WordPress website only allowed them to add two sizes. For the first two years, they had to deal with the fact that many of their customers (or potential customers) were unaware of this option.


It’s fairly easy to tell the difference between a custom website and a template if you know what you’re looking for. Look for the following characteristics in a custom website:

The design was created from scratch.

The design was created from scratch, with no templates or previous versions used.

This website is unique.

This isn’t to say that the definition of a Custom Designed website isn’t fluid. In the web design world, however, the qualities listed above will typically form the foundation of what is commonly referred to as a Custom Designed Websites scheme. If you are unsure about the uniqueness of a website, it is best to have it evaluated by a team of experts before investing any money.


Today, many large template companies are willing to pay countless bloggers to expound on the subject of Custom Build Website antiquity in order to promote their own agenda and line their pockets. Their goal is to convince you that the low prices they offer do not include any hidden costs. As web developers, we know this isn’t true. It’s fascinating to read these articles and see how they describe the polar. To opposite of what a Custom Designed Websites project can offer. They consider Custom Website design to be an expensive waste of time and money that offers nothing unique or beneficial to those who purchase it. This is clearly a skewed perspective on the topic.

WIX and WordPress template solutions are only appropriate for a small number of clients. They are typically used as a stepping stone to better things. While the prices are lower, they will not get you to the top and have several serious flaws. If you want to fully utilise what the internet has to offer, you will need a custom website. Custom design is not, and will never be, obsolete. This is due to the fact that we notice what stands out. Businesses will have to constantly differentiate themselves from competitors in order to appeal to their target audiences unless communism replaces capitalism. Sure, more templates will be available, but this will only benefit those with custom websites. If everyone else remains the same, you will stand out more.


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