What is Pigment Green 7 Benefits and Production Process?

What You Didn’t Know About Pigment Green 7?

If you’re looking to buy Pigment Green 7, you’ll want to know what it can do for you, how it compares to another pigment green 7 manufacturer, and whether it’s even safe to use in the first place. The following overview of pigment green 7 and the manufacturing process used to produce this pigment will help answer all your questions about this pigment and its manufacturer before you buy Pigment Green 7 online or in stores near you.

The history of pigment green 7

It was first synthesized in 1820 by treating copper(II) acetate with basic lead carbonate. The commercial process for its preparation starts with a mixture of copper sulfate, sodium hydroxide and potassium nitrate which is treated with steam at 360 °C (680 °F). This compound is then further purified by precipitating it as ammonium hexachlorocuprate(II), washing, roasting to give copper nitrate, reduction to cuprous oxide, treatment with sulfuric acid and finally oxidation of cuprous oxide to pigment green 7. In addition, chrome pigments have a lower hue than those made from cobalt.

The manufacturing process of pigment green 7

First of all, let’s look at the Pigment Green 7 Manufacturer process. The manufacturing process of pigment green 7 is to synthesize it from raw materials in high pressure and high-temperature conditions. The main raw material is benzene, which also has many useful products. Then, through a series of processes (such as solvent extraction, distillation) and purification can finally be purified into pigment green 7. With their stability, excellent light resistance and heat resistance. They widely used in plastics such as polyethene and polypropylene bottles. They also be used in textiles (including polyester yarns), printing ink; Powder coatings; Ink and Cosmetics.

Safety datasheet

A Safety Data Sheet, or SDS, is a regulation for product manufacturers to use. It contains information about a chemical’s potential health risks and how to safely use it. For example, Pigment Green 7 manufacturers will include information on possible exposure routes (hazards) such as inhalation and skin contact. It also has instructions for the safe handling of chemicals such as washing hands and face after contact. This is important because if used incorrectly, pigments can be harmful to human health. Manufacturers include SDS sheets with every shipment so that users are fully informed about how to handle their products correctly. The SDS sheet also highlights any dangers associated with the transportation of chemicals too, so all relevant parties are aware of safe practices in that area too.

Applications of pigment green 7

The most common application of pigment green 7 is paint. However, pigment green 7 also used in plastics as well as art pigments and food colourants. The most common colour that produced with pigment green 7 a deep green, but it manufactured to create other hues as well. This particular pigment has seen its popularity increase over time due to the number of applications that it has and how easy it is to mix into other products. Its ability to produce certain colours. when mixed with other ingredients makes it an ideal colouring agent for paints and plastics on a wide range of scales.

The best manufacturer of pigment green 7

The pigment used for ink and dye to produce printing ink, colourants for polyester resins and epoxy resin floor finish. According to the empirical formula, it belongs to a class of azo pigments. This pigment has good resistance towards light and weathering, high fastness properties especially lightfastness property above grade 3(ISO). As a result of its unique chemical structure and good processability, pigment green 7 widely used in transparent or opaque water-based ink and solvent-based decorative paint. I give a gloss effect on these products when it is dispersed in 10% content or above insolvent or less than 10% content in water.

Leading pigment green 7 manufacturer

As a leading pigment green 7 manufacturer, our professional and technical team develop various types of pigment green 7 products to meet customers’ requests. We have set up a strict quality control system to avoid any problems with Pigment Green 7 products quality. Our company attaches great importance to colour matching, especially for toner and ink that used for textile printing applications. With our production facilities covering an area of 30000 square meters, we can guarantee the stable output of pigments and provide prompt delivery service. Please feel free to contact us if you need any information about related products or would like some samples before your bulk order.

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