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What Are the Types of Traditional Indian Jewellery You Can Consider?

Complete your look with traditional jewellery to look gorgeous at any event! There are a handful of staples you must have in your collection! Now you can continue reading to learn what they are!

One element that can instantly lend a sense of refinement to any look is jewellery. This is why most ladies you convene wear a piece of jewellery or lightweight ornamentation. You can bet that most brides present their traditional jewellery pieces with as much care as they do in choosing their bridal attire because these accessories are an essential aspect of self-expression.

Now you have excellent news for you if you’re choosing online and cannot bring yourself to choose a particular style of jewellery: For various events and functions, wear the following traditional Indian jewellery varieties!

Heavy South Indian Jewelry

South Indian jewellery is made entirely of gold and has a distinctive appearance. It is beautiful to look at and great to wear. Wear this traditional jewelry style that will instantly transform you into a bride. 

Must-Haves: If you want to pull off the South Indian look, you must wear a long necklace. Gajra hairstyles and silk sarees are additional components that can help you complete your look.

An elegant set of Jodhpuri necklaces

A Jodhpuri necklace set consists of the necklace and coordinating earrings. When you want to save time putting your outfit together by mixing and matching various elements, a set like this one is perfect. This ethnic jewellery complements sarees, lehengas, salwar suits, and even indo-western clothing.

Even while wearing a more straightforward set (like the one seen above), the uncut diamonds in the group will raise the bling factor and make you appear and feel more “dressed up”!

Must Haves: The goal of the appearance when wearing a light set is to project an air of understatement. Therefore, having only the necklace and earrings should be sufficient. In addition, you must have a conventional braided hairstyle so that you may display the earrings to further this feeling!

A gigantic Meenakari set

Every bride should have a thick Meenakari outfit in her wardrobe. If the set also comes with stunning Polki diamonds, bonus points! Although it may seem strange to hear, brides almost always wear substantial jewellery at their wedding. You can’t avoid wearing layers of jewellery as part of the traditional Indian bridal outfit.

Wearing a hefty set that includes a Maang Tikka, earrings, a necklace, and bangles is a terrific way to convey the same regal vibe without having to deal with a neckache the rest of the evening.

Must-Haves: To complete your bridal style, make sure your clothing is as dazzling as your jewellery. Choose a garment with plenty of embroideries, then coordinate your accessories with it!

Gorgeous Kangas in a pair

Another traditional jewelry item you must get when starting your wedding collection is a Kangan. This is because these substantial bangles are the ideal accessories for any blouse you intend to wear. In addition, Kangan patterns are implicitly typically heavy. This distinguishes them from typical bangles.

Must Haves: A minimum of one pair of thick, ethnic Kangans you can wear with one dress during the wedding festivities is required. You may choose a matching ring to complete the look and give your hands a beautiful appearance!

A regionally specific traditional jewelry

Make sure to consider traditional jewelry as the prevalent designs in northern India. In addition, examine regional fashions that are also part of your culture. For instance, Maharashtrian jewellery features green and gold tones, making it perfect as an accessory to add accent colours to your outfit.

In a similar vein, Rajasthani nath motifs can be used to highlight your bridal vibe and add new focal points to your appearance. But, again, your options are essentially infinite because India is such a diverse country!

Include traditional jewellery that is representative of the area you are from. Feel free to include objects from various countries and cultures, though!

A bride’s traditional jewellery and herself go hand in hand. However, to have a lot of fun dressing up, you must consider different jewellery varieties to include in your bridal collection. Of course, it would help if you had everything, from bulky Payals that tinkle when you walk to Beautiful earrings that shine whenever you laugh.

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