What are the roles and responsibilities of the Selenium Test Automation Engineer?

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There are so many companies in the full deployment of resources. In these cases, manual tests are not always possible. Time management and cost are critical criteria to take care of. Automation with Selenium becomes a better choice since it’s an open-source tool. It helps in handling multiple selenium projects. A career in Selenium automation will give you an edge to assist you in growing. Most people feel that the software is already automated. There is no need for automation tests.

But the automation tester has a lot of roles and responsibilities to carry out. When in doubt, contact Selenium Job Support to understand the topic better. They will help you respond to all the queries. Further, it is software to check and receive output as it has assumed it. Testing software has become redundant in the present times.

Skills required for automation test jobs

The essential requirement for a Selenium automatic tester is basic knowledge and understanding of the topic. The engineers should be tactful and diplomatic. They should maintain good relations with their colleagues in the workplace. When they maintain good relations, only then does everything sort out properly. Some of the skills to include are:

  1. There should be a good business approach to the system
  2. Understanding the life cycle of the software
  3. Having good analytical and decision skills
  4. He should be able to pay attention to details
  5. The engineer should work within deadlines.

Why do you need an automation test engineer?

Commonly, the software will face some hardships initially. It is also possible that the software is automated in the front. You don’t need an automation engineer at that point. Test engineers are required to check whether the software is running correctly or not. To find the right selenium engineer, Salesforce Job Support will help you. They can solve all kinds of problems that you are facing.

Why should you become an automation engineer?

  1. The process is very creative and challenging. The results are never the same before and after testing the products. Further, the errors are solved for efficient working of the software. You might face different issues every day that the test engineer can solve. You can figure out all the problems creatively.
  1. There is quite much learning in the field. There is the advancement of technology, and you should go ahead with the same. Keep yourself updated about all the new updates. Learn new things when you are working with the software.
  1. The career role of a test automation engineer is far more significant and rewarding. They get paid high and enter high positions in their career. Further, they can build all the products efficiently to help the business progress.

There are about 15,000 jobs for automation test engineers in the US itself. The world is mainly focusing on creating better opportunities for the business. There are about six stages in the automation life cycle.

  1. Determination of the scope of automation
  2. Selection of the right tool for automation
  3. Documentation of the test plans and the strategies
  4. Setting up the test environment
  5. Automation of the test scripts
  6. Analyzing the test reports


Selenium was born to test software. There has been a massive transformation in technology in the last 20 to 30 years. Further, the businesses are performing reliantly on the software. The top applications are using automation in the best way possible. If you want to become a test automation engineer, it’s the best job that you can look out for.

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