What are the documents you need for LLP Registration?

To register an LLP, you require an application and the documents. The application is an online generic one. It merely informs the MCA that there is an aspirant looking to establish a Limited Liability Partnership. But to give that applicant a certificate of incorporation so that he could establish their LLP, the MCA requires the correct documents. 

And that is what we will discuss here. 

Here, you will know the exact documents that you need to obtain an LLP Registration certificate. There would be no fluff, only facts. 

Documents you need for LLP Incorporation in India

Before we start the explanation about the documents, take a  look at the checklist of LLP incorporation requirements:

  1. Details of the partners
  2. Information sheet about the business objective
  3. A unique name
  4. And a registered office

To provide those details, following are the documents that you would need:

  1. PAN card of the partners: It is mandatory for all partners of an LLP to have a  PAN card. Without it, the Ministry of Incorporation won’t consider your business viable. It deters them to show interest in your application form. 
  2. DPIN of all the partners: All the partners within a Limited Liability Partnership must provide a Designated Partner Identification Number. However, to provide these partners with the DPIN, application should first be made to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. 
  3. Photograph of all the partners: All the partners must provide a passport size photograph with a background. 
  4. Passport – a foreign requirement: If a partner is  from a foreign origin, then it is necessary for you present a passport for that partner. Furthermore, a notary must notarize the passport before submission to the Registrar of LLP. 
  5. Digital Signature Certificate: The application process for the LLP incorporation is online. Therefore, it is important that you first obtain the DSC for all your partners. 
  6. Registered office proof: It is mandatory that your business as a base of operations. Therefore, providing a proof of a registered office is mandatory.

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Are these the only documents you require?

Yes, in hind sight, these are the only documents you require. However, in certain circumstances, like the ones below, the Registrar might ask you to provide additional documents:

  1. If the details of your PAN card do not match with your residential address 
  2. The DPIN of the partners have incorrect information
  3. Any of the photographs that you have provided do not meet the requirements of the LLP
  4. All the documents you have provided might have been wrong

In any case, any mistake when it comes to document submission will eventually lead to cancellation of your application. Furthermore, the procedure is simple. So you don’t have to bother yourself with multiple license and registrations. Therefore, there is no point of you delaying the application process of making any deliberate mistake.  


The documents that you require to incorporate your LLP are many. However, without  the aid of an expert, you can’t manage them properly. Therefore, it is necessary that you acquire this certification on time. However, because there are so many registrations involved,  even though simple ones, it is better to get help to save time. 

And thus, contact Registrationwala when you can.

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