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Dealer Possession License: Eligibility and Documents Required

Many nuanced telecom products are floating around in the telecommunication domain. Their complexity makes it a necessity to have a license before owning them. One of them is the dealer possession license. Issued by the Department of Telecommunications Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, obtaining this certificate involves certain documents and eligibility criteria. This blog explores the documents to prepare you to become a dealer of telecom products. 

The Department of Telecommunication has deemed certain Telco products too nuanced to use. Because of that nuance, we now have a class of business certificates known as possession licenses.

They are two types of possession licenses in circulation:

Dealer Possession License

It is a business permit to own, rent, sell or lease telecommunication products in India.  Read More: Demonstration License

The telecommunication products we are talking about here aren’t your run-of-the-mill smartphones. Instead, they are hi-tower dishes, large antennas and such.

Non Dealer possession Licenses

It is a business permit for those who own telecom products to use them to provide certain services. For example, a local cable operator is one entity that must acquire the license to operate the dishes to broadcast channels to subscribers. NDPL registration has recently become a requirement in India.

Eligibility Criteria to obtain the DPL certificate in India

Following are the requirements that the applicant must fulfill before getting the license:

Having a registered business entity

As we have already stressed in a number of our blogs, telecom licenses are not issued to individual entities. The applicant must be a private limited or a public limited company. Therefore, incorporate a company before you apply for the DPL license.

Meeting the financial Requirements

A dealer has to be someone who can manage and maintain the telecommunication products he wants to trade. Therefore, the DOT expects the licensee to meet a certain financial stratum. That makes it critical that the licensee meets the financial requirements for the license.

Having the infrastructure to support the business

The dealer of telecom products must have an infrastructure where he can store, manage and demonstrate his products.

 Documents required for the license

The documents you provide must inform the Department of Telecommunication about the nature of business, the directors and the telecom products you want to trade. Thus, the documents that you need to submit are as follows: Read More: IPLC License

Company incorporation certificate

It proves that you have established a company before applying for the DPL license.

Memorandum of Association

It shows the objective of your business to the Department of Telecommunication.

Articles of Association

These company by-laws let the DOT see you as an organized business entity that adheres to the necessary compliances.

Telecom equipment details

Provide a document that contains all the information about the telecom equipment you want to trade. If you have manufactured the telecom product, provide the manufacturing certificate number. And if you are dealing with imported equipment, provide the import and export code. Additionally, the document should consist of technical information about the product – complete with diagrams and test reports.

Note: If you are a non-dealer, then in addition to the above documents, you must also submit:

  1. Dealer details
  2. Manufacturer Details
  3. Import Export Code (that the dealer possesses)

Validity of the Possession Licenses

The dealer possession license has perpetual validity. However, the Department of Telecommunication might rethink your right to own possession of the license if you violate any of the regulations of the certificate.


Dealer possession license is a business permit to own and deal in telecommunication products in India. You now know the documents you need and the eligibility requirements you must meet to get this license. If you still have any further queries, remember that the telecom consultants of Registrationwala are more than happy to assist you.

We can connect you with the telecom license or registration that you seek. Just take a look at our services to know more.

Wondering what it takes to deal in telecom products in India? Find out about the dealer possession license. Check out its documents with this blog.

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