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Use the 3 Finest Techniques to Extract Content From PDF Files

Several users around the world use the popular PDF file format to store data like text, images, Hyperlinks etc. However, at times users try to keep the images and text data in a separate PDF to access content easily and share them. But extracting text from PDFs becomes a challenge for some users because of not know the technique to extract content from PDF.

So, if you are one of them looking for a suitable yet easy solution then read this post which explains some methods to pull text from a PDF file.

Conditions Under Which PDF Text Extraction is Required

  • Different types of Invoices data
  • Purchase Orders List
  • Insurance Claims and Contacts
  • Standard Level Reports
  • Content Added With Images
  • Electronic Form Health Record
  • Order Shipping Documents
  • Proof of Item Delivery, etc

In the next section, we are going to discuss multiple ways to extract all text from the PDF in an efficient way.

Extract Content From PDF Using Manual Solution

There can multiple techniques to take the text data from a PDF file. Below we have discussed some useful methods to extract specific or entire texts from PDF.

Use Adobe Reader to Extract all Text From the PDF

Follow these steps to extract text from a PDF document:

  1. Launch the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and open the PDF file.
  2. After opening the file using the “File” option in the menu bar.
  3. Then, press the Convert PDF to Word option.
  4. Then, hit on “Export PDF to Word” and Save the PDF file.

Using Free Text Extractor Tool to Pull Text From a PDF

To instantly extract content from PDF files, then you have a quick solution to use the online free tools which help users to extract text from a PDF file. This method is useful if they have a stable internet connection to access that site and take out data from a file. Here, the user will need to use any online free tool and upload the files and the rest of the tool will work and extract data.

Note – This method is only applicable to those who have a small PDF file which does not contain any sensitive data. As chances of data stealing are there.

Limitation of Using Manual Technique to Scrape Text From PDF

  1. Text extraction from selective PDFs is not feasible.
  2. The technique is suitable for a single file and not for a large number of files.
  3. Issues like file formatting can be faced during the extraction process.
  4. Has a File size limit, for instance – the online free tool allows only 250 MB PDF file.

The Ideal Technique to Extract Content From PDF

There are situations and cases under which some methods are not useful, because chances of data corruption and loss of data are there. So, under certain circumstances, we advise users to go for reliable and trusted software which can handle large PDF files and help extract required content from PDF files.  Here the user can use PDFWare’s PDF Data Extractor to extract all text from the PDF. The software is designed to extract data like PDF Invoice Data, Meta Data, Attachments, Hyperlinks and Comments from PDF Files. The software is built to take out all or specific data, text, and audio from single or multiple PDF files with many advanced features. Moreover, this tool can extract data from secured or restricted PDF files. PDF Text Extractor can be used on both Windows and Mac OS.

Guided Steps to Scrape Text from PDF Using the Software

1- Download this utility on your system and install it. Use Add file or Add folder button to insert PDF files.

extract content from pdf and insert PDF files

2- Enter the Owner-level password for restricted PDF files or press the Next button to continue. Also, set the location where users desire to save the output files.

type the password and set the location to save pdf

3- Now in the Extract Tab->Text tab, apply the Text settings and required filters.

apply page settings

4- After applying settings and filters select the Extract Button to extract content from PDF.

extract content from pdf

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Sometimes extracting some text from PDF files becomes an issue because of improper knowledge of data extraction or because users are not aware of the methods. So, in this article, we have discussed techniques which can be used to extract content from PDF documents easily. With the help of some manual methods and a professional solution, so based on your situation choose the ideal solution mentioned above.

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