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Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups in 2023

Are you curious about the most fashionable and stylish women’s k-pop groups? If so, you should follow this list of the top 10 most popular k-pop female teams of 2023.

K-Pop music is becoming increasingly trendy every day, and the credit is due to amazing K-pop groups. Alongside male idols of K-pop female idols of K-pop are also winners in the international spread of Korean culture through their dancing and music knowledge.

Many Korean women’s teams are emerging and are trying to make it in the industry. As of now, there are numerous female teams in k-Pop, however, the next top 10 are said to be the top women’s teams in 2023. Do you love K-pop? Get numerous kpop group name ideas in just a second with a random kpop group name generator.

Most Popular K-Pop Girl Groups

1. Blackpink

If you are a fan of Korean pop, then you’ll have to agree that Blackpink is at present the best and most popular female group from the k-pop genre in 2023. Their positive humorous, relatable, and controversial lyrics delight the people who listen to them with their uplifting vibe. The band resurfaced to the forefront in 2016, with their debut album “Square One” but have never come back.

Their accurate projection of online platforms and their social media have brought them a huge fanbase. The group is most likely the most-watched group with over 60 million users on YouTube in the year 2019. In addition, there’s plenty of world data on this k-pop group.

2. Red Velvet

The fame of these five female k-pop groups of South Korean origin spans throughout the world. Highly skilled and hardworking members of the group have elevated it to new heights and have captivated many hearts and millions of fans. Forbes Korea Power Celebrity acknowledges the band as one of the top celebs from South Korea. Billboards as well as Time have rated them as the most sought-after K-pop group.

The Korean female band performed their debut performance “Happiness” in 2014. Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri are the apex of the group. They are regarded as the fifth most streamed k-pop group on Spotify. They also have Golden Disc new artist Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, Korean Music Awards, and Forbes Korea Power Celebrity in their portfolio of musical options.

Red flavor, Power up Ice cream, happiness, Peek at a boo, Russian Roulette, and Psycho are the numbers that appeared on the chart for quite a long time.

3. Twice

The band has been praised for their greatest singles and having back-to-back hits is the reason TWICE is famous. Their albums have topped the charts and become the top-selling album for this particular year. In the year 2018, this K-pop female group was first introduced to Japan in Warner Music Japan’s release “Twice”. They were awarded Platinum recognition from RIAJ. In Korea, they fought in the world of pop through a lengthy play The Story Starts. So, it could be one of the most successful women’s teams in k-pop as of this year, 2023.

Eyes wide open BDZ, Twicetagram, Merry and Happy, TWICELAND ZONE 2, TWICELAND THE OPENING, Twice, Twice Dome Tour, and Twice Debut Showcase, really feel special, and “what’s love” are among the albums of the band.

The group is comprised of 9 talented shining female members. They are specialized in k-Pop J-pop, bubblegum pop dance-pop as well as EDM genres. Since 2015 the group has been amusing its followers with their knowledge and hard work. They enjoyed a resounding success house the year 2016 by releasing their hit single “Cheer Up”.

4. Girl’s Generation

The eight-membered K-pop women’s group from 2007 coined their name with the title “The Nation’s Girl Group” located in South Korea. The single from their Korean album, titled “Eponymous, “Into the Future World” was their first introduction to the world of K-Pop.

The single from 2009 “Gee” took them renown in the pop world and they were able to be part of the KBS Music Bank. It featured the beloved Melon’s music from 2000’s ten-dollar. The band’s Korean album Oh! brought they an award called the Golden Disc award for the year 2010. They released their 3rd Korean album “The Boys” which picked the international style and gained immense recognition and came released as a top-selling album in the year 2011. Their subsequent albums have been a hit with pop fans.

Their unique style of music delivery includes electropop, hip-hop, bubbly pop R&B along with EDM. The hundred million viewers on YouTube for her music reveals how much recognition they received. They’re regarded as”the “Top K-Pop Girls of the Past Decade” by Billboard.

5. GFriend

The fifth position for the most popular k-pop female teams is GFriend. The group of six members of South Korean bands delivered an amazing discography and has acquired several accords since the year 2015. The debut album Season of Glass garnered vast applause among Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji.

Their fame was reflected in to the Grammy Mini Masterclass interview collection where they discussed their impact on young people. LOL, Awakening, Snowflake Parallel, Rainbow, Time for the moon Night, Sunny Summer, Time For Us, and Fever Season bought admiration and gratitude from fans of pop across the world. The final album they released is Walpurgis Night in 2020 after when they split. The album’s gross sales increased following each release. By 2020 they were named among the top five female teams in k-pop this year.


Another of the most popular female-oriented k-pop groups includes JYP Entertainment’s ITZY group. The group’s female members experienced industrial success after their debut album “It’s Different” in 2019. It was the recipient of numerous prizes for the most talented artists of the year, including it was the year 34th Golden Disc Awards, Melon Music Awards as well as the Mnet Asian Music Awards to record just a handful.

They played a significant role in the pop style that was South Korea for their contribution to k-Pop’s Evolution. The core members of the group include Yeji, Lia, Ryujin Chaeryeong, Ryujin, and Yuna. The Korean female group has one Instagram account, and the number of followers is the best indicator of the group’s popularity.

In the midst of the outbreak and the aforementioned pandemic, they began their third and second Eps called it’s Me and Not Shy. They launched a live stream of the world degree. But, Source Music and the band’s contract is due to expire in May 2023 and may be separated.

7. Mamamoo

The group is most well-known for her debut album ‘Mr. Ambiguous Mamamoo’ is a South Korean woman pop group. Their unique mix of jazz, retro dance, ballad R&B concepts, and long-lasting vocals is a rage with their fan base. The group has 43 awards to its own and has received nominations for the number 159.

Mamamoo is the symbol of the baby’s development for the first time. Their problem is not so much the influence of social media, which has eroded their popularity and their popularity. The Melting album and Reality In Black are the names of its Korean debut, while Four colors are the Japanese album. The filmography album consists of Mamamoo x Gfriend Showtime, A Lucky Day, Queendom, MooMoo Trip, Boss within the Mirror, and Entourage. Both Egotistic as well as Starry Night erased the record of music across South Korea.


WM Entertainment’s South Korean woman group contains eight phonic ladies. The Korean woman’s group established its debut in the pop scene with its famous long-running play titled Oh My Girl, and closer in 2015. The group’s popularity grew through songs like M Countdown, Pink Ocean, Windy Day, Coloring Book, Secret Garden, Remember me, fall in love, Dear Oh My Girl, and the eternally.

It is most likely to be one of the most popular K-pop female bands that are currently in South Korea. The acceptance of their fans has been slow. The refreshing vibes of freshness and vibrancy of their music set them to stand out from the crowd. They’re renowned for being trendy and innovative with their sound. Every member of the band has a huge fan base as a solo artist. Arin, Jiho, YooA, Binnie, Seung Hee, Hyojung, Mimi, and JinE are the band’s members.

9. Iz*One

The twelve lovely ladies’ group came through an actuality show (Mnet) Produce 48. They provide J-pop and k-pop genres of hip-hop. They made their debut in the year 2018 with Chartbusters extended Play and Color*LZ. Their debut business, which was commercially successful, brought them instant recognition in the pop world. They received praise from Golden Disc Awards and Seoul Music Awards for their speedy success.

The band’s repeated success with songs like “Suki to Iwasetai as well as UMG’s EMI Records, and Oricon Single Chart for 2 consecutive years helped them earn Platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan. However, the group was to break up in spring 2023 because their contract could not be renewed. But, this won’t allow them from being among the many popular female teams in k-pop in 2023.

10. NiziU

The Korean female band Niju includes 9 beautiful Japanese women. Niju is a Japanese word that means rainbow in English. The group’s name is a synonym for their identity. committed to emitting the VIBGYOR through their music. The oldest member is aged twenty-one and the youngest is sixteen. The group was created as a result of a real-time NIZI venture. This female-oriented k-pop group merits the number 10 spot in the most popular female k-pop teams.

Mako (LEAD Singer), Rio (Lead Rapper), Maya (the principal dancer), Riku (lead vocalist), Ayaka(MAN VISUAL), Mayuka (Lead dancer), Rima (lead vocalist), Milhi (face of the group) and Nina(face of the group) are members of the Korean women group. Each of them is a master of their respective fields of expertise and helps to create the hap songs for their fans.

Their first single was ‘Make You Happy Witch honestly’. Step and Step Music brought them to fame due to the fact that it reaches the record across the world.


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