Tips for Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship

Most of the People are living in Long-Distance Relationship these Days. If you’ve met someone with whom that you feel a connection with You probably do not want to let the chance to love slip away simply because you don’t reside in the same location. It is possible to have an enjoyable, healthy relationship even if you see one another a couple of times per month (or even once a year). But, having an extended relationship is not easy and you need to be proactive to ensure that both of you feel connected to one another even when you aren’t physically.

Tips for Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship

For tips on how to manage the challenges of a relationship that is long distance we looked to Kavita Patel who is a relationship and life coach. The most important thing to remember? “Emotional connection and support are so important in a long distance relationship,” she stated. “Keeping in touch and involving each other in daily feelings and situations is powerful to keep a feeling of intimacy flowing.”

Pick Up the Phone

“It’s essential when you’re in a long distance relationship to keep in touch. Phone calls and Face Timing is the most effective method of staying connected since many things can go missing through text,” said Patel. It’s easy to get through your hectic day using texts without ever picking up the phone, but avoid falling into this trap. Take time to engage in deep conversations that allow you to listen to each other’s voice or look each other in the eyes.

Talk in the Morning and at Night

“Doing a check-in during the mornings and in the evenings before going to bed is also really important,” Patel said. Patel. “That gives you the feeling that you’ve connected between the beginning and the end of your day. So even though you’re not physically in the same place, it still feels like you’re a in the same day with each other.”

If you are in a relationship with a distant partner mornings and nights are also the days that you feel the most lonely because this is when you’d typically be on your own. “Also, so much can come up for us within a day emotionally so to also have those check-ins you can feel emotionally supportive,” said Patel. “Having that emotional support also really shows the strength of the relationship.”

Meet in Person Regularly

“It’s important to see each other as much as possible,” said Patel. “I know depending on the distance it can feel hard, but it’s important.” Patel said that the aim is to meet regularly in person, at a minimum every quarter. It’s even better when you are able to make it a point to meet one another monthly.

Always Have Your Next Outing Planned

It is important to be aware of the next time you will see one another in person. A specific date for when you are certain that you will meet again means that you always have something to anticipate. If things get tough you will know precisely the time frame you’ll need to be able to endure until your next meeting.

Visit One Another in the Places Where You Live

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s easy to arrange enjoyable, thrilling getaways to visit each other. It may be logical to have a meeting at the intersection of the two cities in which you reside. Make sure to go to the same place wherever you reside as suggested by Patel. “Having trips to see one another in the locations you live is important so each person can see how the day-to-day for each other works,” she added.

Ask About Each Other’s Feelings

“Show your care and concern and your willingness to be there through it all,” said Patel. Ask questions like how I can help you? What do you require most right now? What is your current state of mind? “These questions enable those who feel disconnected to reflect and reveal what’s at the core of their feelings and thinking. The person asking the question will show compassion and give them the clarity they need for them to return to love and connection.”

Be Prepared to Schedule Emergency Visits

If one of the partners feels isolated or lonely it could be crucial to arrange an appointment to meet each other, according to Patel: “If one person is feeling disconnected then it’s time to see one another as soon as possible.”

Surprise One Another With Gifts

You don’t have a physical connection it’s crucial to express your gratitude through creative ways, says Patel. “If you know she would love flowers, get flowers delivered to her,” she advised. “If you know he is feeling under the weather, then get food delivered to them as if you were there taking care of them.”

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