The Jira Software vs Monday Software Guide – Features and Prices

The Jira tool was created by Atlassian in 2002 and it has gained two decades of experience thus enhancing its functionality. It has several features for agile project management as well as software development. The Monday software originated as a need to streamline task management for remote teams. It also supports features for app development.

Let’s take a look at Jira software vs Monday software features for a comprehensive guide.

Jira Software

There are many reasons why Jira has become the first choice for users that seek features for issue tracking, coding, and deployment. One of them is the fact that Jira is able to curate all the required tools on a single platform. The following are some of them:

Visual Management Boards

The Jira software integrates two helpful visual management boards. The Kanban feature lets users control their projects by being able to access details like workflows, task dependencies, deliveries, and more. Kanban, in other words, is the portal to overview information that helps you regulate the project.

Contrastingly, the focus of the Scrum board is on creating tasks when you are working on a large assignment. You can assign tasks to team members to whom they are relevant. In fact, you can also set due dates to ensure that the team knows when to deliver and stays aligned with the deadlines.

Planning the Journey

The Jira software further integrates the roadmaps feature which can be utilized for two important reasons. Firstly, it will help you contextualize the project and create a thorough timeline of tasks that have been achieved. The entire team can access it to see what has been accomplished previously and where they need to pick from.

Likewise, the roadmaps feature creates a timeline based on the project goals so all the plans fall in line. The team can see what they are aiming for and figure out a plan to get there.

Code and Deployment Status

The development panel is also able to display important information where you can also create branches. Additionally, you can pull requests or view commits without having to leave the software.

If you want to measure the impact of your ideas, you can derive insights using the DevOps feature. You can easily determine how a certain plan will be executed and how much it will be able to produce the results you are expecting.

Centralized Knowledge

There is no need to move from app to app when you are working on your projects. The Open DevOps feature ensures that you can access applications to plan, code, deploy, operate, and collaborate too. It is quite easy to manage a toolchain that meets the requirements of your project management.

Jira Software Demo

If you want to learn how the Jira tool is suited for your work management requirements, you can request a product demo. The Jira software demo is available through a request. You can schedule the demo through the website.

Jira Pricing

There are different payment options for users who want to integrate Jira into their business. The four plans listed are:

  • Free
  • Standard for $7.50
  • Premium for 14.50
  • Enterprise

Some features such as Scrum board, Kanban board, backlogs, agile reporting, and integrations are available on all four. The enterprise Jira cost is determined after your request for a quote by filling out a form through the website.

Monday Software

The Monday software reviews show that it is a reliable option for project management without compromising on communication. The following features maintain the diversity of Monday:

Effective Dashboards

The dashboards give you access to information regarding your project with a bird’s eye view. In addition to having an overview of the details, you can also run reports to measure the progress of the projects.

The dashboards are also customizable thus making it simpler to collaborate. You can assign tasks as well as share important files with your team. At the same time, you can check to see the activity of your team. The dashboards can be fully automated so that tasks are assigned automatically and the due dates are also set.


The files feature is another unique way of communicating with your team. You can make live annotations to files and share feedback with each other. This will save time as well as the effort wasted on feedback loops.

The Monday software will also help you save different versions of the file without losing any changes. You can access different versions of files at any time. By bringing plug-ins to the platform, you can also review file briefs or upload new assets on Monday. You can access apps such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Acrobat DC.


This feature allows users to create actionable documents. You can co-edit a document with your team and everyone can pitch in their goal. You can also move your text in the document with the simple drag interface that ensures your team is not disturbed in the process.

Monday Software Demo

In order to the best practices of Monday software, you can access the blog that has an introductory article too. The introduction has demo videos that will help you understand how the features will be useful to your management.

Monday Pricing

The software supports five plans for its users. It has pricing options for new beginners as well as large-scale businesses:

  • Individual for free
  • Basic for $8
  • Standard for $10
  • Pro for $16
  • Enterprise

The first plan contains a limited set of features to create boards and documents along with access to 200+ templates. Each successive pricing option contains a higher number of features like higher storage space, better time tracking tools, and vision boards for task management. To maintain organization-wide control over access and permissions, you can opt for the enterprise plan that has security, admin, and governance tools. To generate a bespoke pricing plan, you can fill in the form listed on the website.



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