The destination of learning using one terminal per person

There were no students who were particularly familiar with the programming of CompTIA Security+ Course, so it was a start for the horizontal line. As the lessons progressed, I learned individually, so there was a considerable difference in proficiency, but if I had any questions, I asked them to raise their hands and responded in a way that supported every one of them, so there was no particular problem. During the summer vacation, I told each person to proceed with learning on a terminal lent by the prefecture of CompTIA Security+ Course. But there was a difference in progress among the students, and the number of students who could do it went on and on.

An effort that made me feel the joy of overcoming

Although there were individual problems and differences in progress that were at the level, I was able to do it at each speed, so I think it was an effort that made me feel the joy of overcoming them. .. Even if you do not understand the contents at first and proceed with copying the answer while touching programming, you may hit the wall “What to do when copying does not work” or “I want to proceed somehow”.

I think it would be good if the students’ feelings could raise by such trials and errors. From students who didn’t understand the input to students who enjoyed working on HTML and CSS, they were able to teach each other with friends and proceed at their own pace. It was a time when I felt that this was the destination of personalized learning using each person’s terminal. Some students asked, “Can I do it at home?”, Which led to independent actions.

Use your programming knowledge to shape your ideas

I could only do HTML / CSS in 2021 because I didn’t have much time. So I would like to reach Python next year. I would like to get to Python and move on to what can do beyond that. Since the recital was hold only in the school, in 2022, I would like to take on the challenge of the “Life is Tech Lesson Contest” and make other efforts to communicate it to the outside while linking it with inquiry activities.

In 2021, the students in the group who were in charge of the inquiry activities and learn cisco courses. The third grade said, “I want to make a robot that automatically follows by recognizing images with AI.” It was an interesting study that seemed to be socially useful, but the students didn’t learn to program yet, so it didn’t go as planned. I read a book from scratch and proceeded with it, and although I was able to recognize colors by AI, I could not reach automatic tracking.

Therefore, I hope that by taking classes like this one and acquiring knowledge, the range of scientific inquiry will be greatly expanding. When a first-year student who has just learn to program wants to do something like this, I’m looking forward to seeing a future where ideas can realize by utilizing “Life is Tech Her Lesson”.

Satellite venues will be set up in 6 locations

The dates will be June 2-4 at the Tokyo venue (Tokyo Fashion Town Building) and June 10th and 11th at the Osaka venue (Osaka Merchandise Mart). Satellite venues will be set up in 6 locations: Sapporo, Asahikawa, Obihiro, Sendai, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, and seminars will be broadcast.

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