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The Best Composite Decking for a Terrace Balcony

If you’re planning to build or remodel a terrace balcony, TimberTech capped polymer and capped composite decking are the best materials to use. Thanks to their high UV protection and their long-lasting resistance to fading, TimberTech deck boards last longer than other kinds of composite decking material such as plastic or aluminum. In addition, TimberTech decks are available in an array of colors that let you get the exact look you want for your terrace balcony, whether you prefer black or cream or something else entirely!

Things You Should Know About Composite Decking

If you’re in the market for composite decking, you’ll want to be aware of some of the things that make this type of decking the best choice. One major advantage is that it can withstand direct sunlight better than traditional wood. Another benefit is that it’s generally less expensive. Finally, composite deck boards are available in different widths and lengths so they’re easier to install on a balcony trolley.

Full Sun Performance of Capped Polymer and Capped Composites


TimberTech capped polymer and capped composite deckings are far superior to traditional wood in several ways, including in their ability to handle direct sunlight. Capped composites offer excellent performance with colors that stay true and don’t fade over time. The boards are also more resistant to warping, cracking and splitting when exposed to extreme heat or cold. Capped composites offer the same longevity as wood but are often cheaper because they’re made of recycled materials. TimberTech capped polymer and capped composite deckings can be used on balconies or trall balkong with full sun exposure because they will not warp or bleach like standard lumber would, making them an excellent choice for most outdoor spaces.

Full Sun Performance Compared to Wood 

Wooden balconies are often found on the ground floor of buildings because they’re cheap to install and maintain. Wood is susceptible to rot and infestation in moist climates, so they’re not recommended for exterior use. However, wood balconies can still provide an aesthetically pleasing option, as long as they’re placed in the right environment. One of the most important factors to consider is access – outdoor billig trall balkong need regular maintenance by a balcony trolley that comes up close to them and can push them back and forth. 

Use pergola and shades

A pergola provides shade for your outdoor space, and can be used as a balcony or as a floor tiles balcony. It also offers protection from wind and is an effective barrier against insects. Pergolas are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. 


Pergolas are not just for homeowners who have a large backyard or patio area. They can also be installed on balconies for those who want to create more living space. Just like any other structure, pergolas require some upkeep but they do not have to be expensive. Composite decking balcony, trolley balcony composite, floor tiles balcony roofing is an affordable option. It will still give you many years of enjoyment.

Save it from rain

The best way to protect your balcony from rain is a combination of a quality trolley balcony. Composite railing and an outdoor floor tile. Our trolley balcony composites are some of the most durable materials around. And our outdoor floor tiles are made for use with wet surfaces. These two products work together to create a sturdy, stylish and waterproof barrier against whatever mother nature has in store. We have a lot of experience with these products so we can help you find the right solution for your project.

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