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The Best Books Of Statistics For Beginners Of All Time

Statistics has a wide range of applications in the real world. Various businesses and markets use statistics regularly. Statistics plays an important role in assisting business, marketing, and finance experts. If you are looking to make a career in statistics, that’s a great idea. But, statistics is also not an easy subject like mathematics. Although with the help of the best book of statistics for beginners, you can enhance the statistics basics.

However, as we all know that self-study and having basic knowledge of something helps in understanding the whole concept. Similarly, if you have a basic knowledge of statistics, you will be able to understand statistics well. So, all you need is the best books for statistics. Therefore, to help you here we are mentioning some good books related to Statistics Homework Help. So, let’s get started. 

Best Books Of Statistics For Beginners

Are you curious about statistics and want to learn more about them? So, the following is the list of the best statistics books of all time. Let’s have a look at them;

An Introduction To Statistical Learning: Application In R 

Author Name: Gareth James, Trevor Hastie, Daniela Witten, and Robert Tibshirani

This book gives a simple explanation of statistical learning. Also, provides an important technique for making sense of huge and complex data sets. Moreover, this book covers the most significant modeling and prediction techniques as well as their applications. Therefore, this book includes topics;

  • Linear Regression
  • Classification
  • Resampling Methods
  • Shrinkage Approaches
  • Tree-based Algorithms
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Clustering, etc.

However, these topics are well-explained with the help of color visuals and real-life situations.

Naked Statistics

Author Name: Charles Wheelan

How can we find out which schools cheat on state exams? Netflix has no way of knowing which movies you will enjoy. What is the reason behind the increase in autism cases? However, the correct data and a few well-chosen statistical methods may help us answer these questions.

Moreover, he explains fundamental concepts like;

  • Inference
  • Correlation
  • Regression Analysis
  • Explains how biased or ignorant people can alter or misrepresent data.
  • Shows how clever and imaginative academics are using valuable data from natural experiments to address difficult topics.

Therefore, we can say that this book is an idle book of statistics for beginners.

Matrix Based Introduction To Multivariate Data Analysis

Author Name: Kohei Adachi

This is the first textbook to explain a range of multivariate analytic processes in matrix form. This book is idle for readers who are unfamiliar with matrices. Moreover, it allows users to quickly learn multivariate data analysis. In addition, this book serves the reader to simply understand the reasons for using multivariate analytic processes. Also, it provides straightforward explanations of those reasons, with numerical examples before the mathematical descriptions.

Probability Models And Applications

Author Name: Ingram Olkin, Leon J Gleser, and Cyrus Derman

This book shows the role that probability models play in scientific and practical applications. It offers several examples of real-world usage of probability models with actual data. Also, an introduction to probability theory based on calculus. The author has well-explained the features and uses of probability models that have effectively described real phenomena. Also, an explanation of techniques for verifying the goodness of fit of these models.

Statistics For Absolute Beginners

Author Name: O.Theobald

This is another best book of statistics for beginners. This book also covers descriptive statistics approaches including central tendency measurements and standard deviation. It covers the topics;

  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Linear Regression Analysis
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Probability Theory
  • Data Distribution

Causal Inference With Statistics

Author Name: Judea Pearl, Madelyn Glymour, and Nicholas P. Jewell

This book is ideal for beginners. It provides a thorough introduction to the area of causality. Also, this book highlights the importance of causality with examples. Moreover, it compares the traditional statistical approaches to causal methods. Also, it provides questions at the end of each section to enhance student understanding.

All Of Statistics

Author Name: Larry Wasserman

The book of statistics for beginners covers much more content than a normal introduction book. This book is for those who wish to quickly understand probability and statistics. Moreover, this book is more appropriate for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in computer science, mathematics, statistics, and related fields. However, this book comprises concepts like;

  • Non-Parametric Curve Estimation
  • Bootstrapping
  • Classification

Principles Of Statistics

Author Name: M.G. Bulmer

Professor Bulmer devotes the first chapters to a simple and clear explanation of basic statistical terminology and theory: abstract concepts of probability and their applications in dice games, Mendelian heredity, etc. Moving further, the author explains major distributions (binomial, Poisson, exponential, normal, etc), tests of significance, statistical inference, point estimation, regression, and correlation. 

Moreover, at the end of each chapter, there are dozens of exercises and questions. He provides the answers as well at the back of the book.

Head First Statistics: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Author Name: Dawn Griffiths

Isn’t it amazing if a statistics book made histograms, probability distributions, and chi-square analysis more fun than going to the dentist? Head First Numbers brings statistics to life with entertaining, dynamic, and thought-provoking content. Therefore, it includes puzzles, tales, quizzes, visual aids, and real-world situations. You can read excel assignment help to get the complete knowledge about excel.  

Final Words

To sum up, we have discussed the various best books of statistics for beginners. These all books are idle for anyone who wants to enhance his or her skills in statistics. There are some other books as well besides the above. You can ask your professors, teachers, and tutors for the best books on statistics. However, we hope that this blog helps you in finding your best book of statistics. 

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