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The Best Apps Every Student Should Be Using on their Smartphone

Every student has a dozen things to manage at once. For instance, they have essays, viva exams, assignments, and more. But unfortunately, most of them struggle to keep up. If only there was a solution to their problems, like British Assignment Help, they could use it anywhere.

Oh, wait! There is a modern solution to their problems right in their pockets. Of course, I’m talking about the smartphones we always carry on us. They’re perfect for on-the-go solutions and assignment help service.

What? You don’t believe that a smartphone can solve your problems? Well, you might be surprised when I show you some modern solutions to those pesky issues. So today, I’m going to talk about the different apps students should use on their smartphones. And I’ll discuss the various solutions they offer for student problems. That way, you can download a few of them and improve your grades.

Let’s begin!

Analyzing Smartphones – Why They’re the Best Option for Student Problems

Almost everyone in the world has a smartphone. It’s something most of us can’t live without. After all, we use them every day for our daily tasks, communication, and entertainment. But that doesn’t explain why students need them for studies, except maybe taking pictures of notes and lectures. As a result, you may ask, “Shouldn’t we consider them distractions instead?”

To answer that question, I’m going to have to say no. This is because anything we use can distract us from our work—for example, food, laptops, books, and TVs. And yes, smartphones are no different when they distract millions of people every day. But we need to recognize what they are and how we can use them to benefit us. That’s our goal when providing professional assignment help UK. We want students to see the possible solutions in the palm of their hands. So, let’s talk about the tech we all carry.

Smartphones are computers. But they’re so small and accessible that we often forget their capabilities. That’s why we use them mindlessly for games, social media, and videos. However, this sort of usage won’t do any good for students. Instead, it will waste their time. Thankfully, you can get some amazing tools on your smartphone that will change the way you work forever!

So, take a closer look at some of the apps below.

Apps Every Student Needs on Their Smartphones

Have a look at this useful list of apps:

1.      Focus/Forest: Focus

Just imagine it. You’re working on your assignment, and you keep getting notifications. Unfortunately, you can’t ignore them despite trying and putting your phone on do not disturb. So, in the end, you give in and go back to using your phone instead of completing your work.

That’s why the first apps I’m going to discuss will minimize how much time you waste on your phone. They’re called focus apps and prevent users from accessing the parts of their phone that will waste their time. That way, people can “focus” on what’s important instead.

These apps allow you to limit your overall screen time with various tools that lock certain apps. Thus, preventing distractions and helping you focus on your work. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. But I believe they can help students who struggle with their work.

Try to use Focus on iPhones and Forest: Focus on Android.

2.      Evernote

If you’re like me, you’re terrible at taking notes. You write down what you can. But you can never keep track of it. As a result, you have to scramble to learn before an exam or essay. Unfortunately, we both know the importance of taking notes. That’s why the next app on the list is all about how you take and track your notes.

Evernote is a cool application for students who love working fast. It lets you save your notes, sync them with the cloud for easy access, and even organize them. Therefore, I think it’s one of the best tools for a student’s phone.

Using the app will let you track everything you need to remember. So you’ll be able to access it and complete your work. Try downloading Evernote on Android or iOS. It’s available on both platforms. Or check out the website for more information.

3.      EasyBib

Getting the citation right is one reason why many students struggle in their academic writing tasks. But the most annoying part of them is completing a bibliography. That’s why our next app is one that offers online assignment help with this section of your academic papers. That way, you don’t need to struggle or stress out about it.

As the name suggests, EasyBib makes the process of completing your bibliography easier. The app lets you scan the barcode of any book and create academic references. You can even use a website URL, journal, or any other source and convert it into the correct citation. As for styles, they can vary depending on what you’re writing and your institution’s requirements. But fortunately, EasyBib also has options for each one. For example, you can choose MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.

So, download the app and use it while writing. Just select your sources and formatting style, and you’ll be done with your bibliography in no time.

4.      Todoist

Another major factor that impacts student grades is their ability or organize themselves and tackle daily tasks. Instead, most students rely on their memory to ensure they complete each thing they need to do. However, this leads to several problems down the line. For instance, they can forget to track tasks like assignments. Thus, leading to poor grades in the end.

Fortunately, our next app is the perfect tool to turn your phone into a device that tracks each task. It’s called Todoist. And it’s the perfect way to remember each thing you need to achieve.

Todoist allows students to create a to-do list to help them remember each task. In addition, you can also use it as a planner. For functions, you need to complete them every day. However, what sets it apart is the notifications and reminders it can send students who forget. As a result, you’ll always stay on top of the things you need to do.

5.      Other Apps to Try

These are some helpful apps you can try, too!

  • Canva: Create excellent presentations
  • StudyBlue: Get course assistance and create flashcards
  • Mathway: Perfect tool for all your math problems


These are the apps our online assignment help team recommends to students. So, I hope you found them useful. Each one focuses on different aspects of student problems. For example, distractions, writing, and more. That’s why they’re great solutions to avoid poor grades.

Remember, smartphones are tools we can use to improve our lives and work. Therefore, we need to use them effectively instead of wasting time. So, try using the apps above or find other useful tools to get online assignment help. That way, you’ll always stay ahead of the curve and avoid all your student’s problems.

To help you find another tool you can use online, head here and check out the reliable assignment services by British Assignment Help.

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