The 5 most important qualities to look for when hiring a React JS developer

If you’re looking to bring on a React JS developer to your team, you’ll want to make sure that they have some key skills and qualities that will help them be successful in the role. Fortunately, these 5 qualities are critical, whether you’re bringing someone on part-time or full-time and no matter what the scope of their work will be.


When it comes to hiring, experience is paramount. While fresh talent may come at a cheaper price, companies are always looking for developers who are both skilled and experienced. For example, React has been out since 2013, but it’s not unusual for companies to be seeking candidates with between three and five years of experience building modern applications using one or more JavaScript frameworks. According to npm statistics, there are over 15,000 people working on react-related projects today. If you want your company’s new hires to have an impact quickly after they join your team, make sure they’re experienced enough so that they don’t need much time learning how things work in your organization.

Good communication skills

A true professional is willing and able to communicate clearly with their clients, even (and especially) when they don’t have an easy solution. reactive developers should be able to explain things in plain English. They should not speak in buzzwords or technical jargon that might be beyond what their client is capable of understanding. And, if at all possible, they should also be willing and able to attend meetings in person. Reliable: A good react js developer will show up on time and deliver the work product within the deadline. Can-do attitude: Look for people who are enthusiastic about learning new technologies, who take a proactive approach instead of waiting around for something else, or worse yet—for someone else—to make decisions.

Great portfolio

If you’re working in tech, it’s safe to say that you work remotely. Working remotely allows you and your team members flexibility, making it easier to juggle careers and lifestyles. But if you hire someone who isn’t used to working remotely or isn’t willing to learn, it can be difficult (at best) and frustrating (at worst). Make sure your potential hire is on board with remote work before moving forward with your offer. Hiring someone who is will save time, money and stress later down the line.

Capable of working remotely

Many of today’s top software developers have jobs that don’t require them to sit in an office every day. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can often hire and communicate with your software engineers from anywhere. This means it can be more difficult than ever before to ensure you hire someone who is able to work remotely—but it’s also more possible than ever before. Look for candidates with remote work experience who have proven they can succeed outside of a traditional office environment.

Cultural fit

Culture fit is about finding someone who will enjoy working with your team as much as you’ll enjoy working with them. Though it’s not always easy, try to ask candidates questions that let you get into their work habits and personality (e.g., What would your teammates say about you?). It can be hard to tell how candidates interact in an interview setting, but looking at their past project histories or portfolios can help fill in some blanks. It’s worth noting that your business may be different from others, so avoid relying on stereotypes—try to use common sense above all else. If a candidate doesn’t seem like they’ll gel well with your existing team, keep looking until you find someone who will.

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First and foremost, React developers must be passionate about programming. It’s not always obvious during an interview how invested a developer is in their work or whether they have a passion that extends beyond their immediate job duties. But asking questions that target hobbies and interests, will give you great insight into what kind of person you’re dealing with. You want someone who loves tinkering on side projects, even if it’s only as simple as learning new frameworks and plugins in order to get better at their job or stay up-to-date with trends in development. hire react Js Developer for your next project.


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