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Ten Reasons Belgium Flight is a Must-See on Your European Vacation

Ten Reasons for Belgium Tour

 10 reasons why you should visit Belgium flight with FlightsAticket

Belgium has it all: romance, history, food, and chocolates. It’s cosmopolitan yet provincial. Book Belgium air tickets online with FlightsAticket to visit some of the most ferocious World War battles shrouded in this place’s history. They were fought at Flanders, Belgium Flights.

 Belgium has an international airport that is well connected to several big cities worldwide to book the flight. All corners of the country can be reached in less than two hours from Brussels by booking cheap plane tickets. The best way to travel is by train or by flight.

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Romantic Canal Tours in Bruges in Belgium Flights

Belgium, like the Netherlands, is one of Europe’s ‘lower countries.’ It has a large network of canals. Book cheap flight tickets online to Belgium with FlightsAticket to enjoy the romantic city of Bruges from your boat. You can admire its UNESCO-protected medieval core while out on the water.

Vertigo-inducing Views in Ghent

Visit Ghent by booking flights for Belgium with Alaska airlines to marvel at the architecture of cathedrals, castles, and old merchant houses. The Belfry offers spectacular views over the city and the surrounding countryside. The Belfry, which dominates Ghent’s old city center, was built between 1313-1380 AD. This tower is a symbol of the city’s independence.

Antwerp Diamond Shopping

Antwerp is a major destination for diamonds in Belgium. Book your flight ticket and enjoy the window-shopping your way to the center of town from the train station, passing countless diamond merchants.

Amazing Gothic Architecture in Leuven

Leuven is a Belgian University town located less than an hour from Brussels. The Gothic Town Hall, which took 30 years and three architects to build, is a sight to behold. This magnificent structure was built between 1448-1469. It has six turrets and three stories. You can also join the guided tour to learn about the history of the Town Hall.

The Landmark Manneken Pis

The Manneken Pis is a popular fountain that features a boy statue. Get the cheapest flight with Cheap Airlines and explore the alleyways around the Grote Markt in Brussels to find it. When you see him everywhere, you’ll be able to tell you are close.

History of World War I in Ypres

We are approaching the 100th anniversary of World War I. Ypres was one of the most contested areas of land during that War. Book your flight ticket so you can pay your respects by taking a day trip down to Flanders Fields in honor of the thousands of soldiers who died.

Do not eat too much chocolate.

As you stroll down streets in major towns, you will be tempted by the delectable chocolate truffles. Book a cheap air ticket to admire the amazing chocolate displays at every store, and don’t forget about taking these tasty treats home for your friends and family.

Monastic Belgian Brews

Belgium is also well-known for its beer. Not just any beer, but beer made by Trappist monks. Some concoctions can be very strong. They pack as much punch as wine at 10+% alcohol.

Piping hot fries

Frites, also known as fries or French fries outside of Belgium, are a delicious treat. Belgian Frites can be enjoyed in a paper cone with mayonnaise, curry, or other sauces you like. By booking a flight-e-ticket, you can enjoy piping hot fries at peace. 

Gourmet Cuisine of the highest quality

Brussels is the European Union’s seat of government. The nation also has historical interests in Africa. You’ll find a wide range of cuisines, including European dishes like Spanish and Italian and more exotic options like Tunisian Couscous and Ethiopian dishes on Injera bread.

Traveler’s tip

Belgian Rail offers a ’10 ride’ discount, which makes it easy to travel around the country. Please fill out your destination information and show it to the ticket agent on the train. You can save a lot of time by using a rail pass.

 What is the best time to visit Belgium?

The peak season in Belgium, especially in the coastal areas, is July to August to book a flight to Belgium. This is when tourist traffic is at its greatest. It is always pleasant and warm, with temperatures never exceeding 22° Celsius (72° F). The summer months show a slight rainfall increase, so bring rain gear. During this time, expect crowds and higher prices.


I believe May-June to September-October is the best months to visit. The entire countryside blooms in spring. The temperatures are around 14-18° C (57-60° F), and there are fewer people. Autumn is a magical time when the countryside’s fall colors are breathtaking. The fall temperatures can range from 5-19°C (41 to 66° F). There will be lots of sunshine and lower prices all over the country. Bring a sweater or rain jacket.

The low season falls between November and March. It can drop as low as 3.5° C (38.5° F) daily.  At a Christmas Market, you can’t beat a hot cup of Belgian chocolate!

Book the cheapest ticket to Belgium with Flightsaticket

It is never easy to plan a vacation, especially when picking the right place. A tour package with a cheap flight to Belgium is a great option for travelers. They can rest assured that their destination will be safe. Belgium is the northernmost country and the most populous in Europe. Anyone can book a flight from London to Brussels through Flightsaticket. This will ensure that you have the best possible travel experience.

You can find a holiday that includes shopping and sightseeing. This place is known for its golf courses. If you’re looking for cheap Belgium tickets, look for them at Flightsaticket. The icing on the cake is the beautiful scenery and historic sites. Belgium’s flight and travel plans are perfect for those who love waffles, chocolates, and other culinary arts.

Food lovers will love the Brusselicious Tram Experience. Tourists can enjoy the amazing experience of kayaking, sailing, and canoeing along the long coastline. It is a mix of modern culture, trends, and cold charm. It is also a hub for shopping and entertainment.




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