Solar Flashlights and Other Gear You Need for Cold-Weather Fishing

Fishing is an excellent hobby you can enjoy all year long. Some of the best fishing happens when the weather turns cold. So, a lot of anglers are looking forward to overnight cold-weather fishing trips. You know you should bring supplies like food and water, shelter, and warm clothes. However, there is plenty of other survival equipment you should bring as well. For instance, be sure to pack high-quality solar flashlights for a reliable light source. Here is all the gear you should bring on your next cold-weather fishing trip.

Emergency Food Bars

Your body needs more energy to stay warm when it’s cold. That means cold-weather fishing can make you hungry fast. Be sure to pack in some emergency food bars. They are the ultimate option for no-prep survival food. No need to boil water or cook a bunch of ingredients. They are ready to eat right out of the package. Search for some delicious emergency food bars that taste like a vanilla shortbread cookie with a hint of lemon.

Solar Flashlights

Essentially, reliable solar flashlights are a must-have for adventures outdoors. Along with food, water, and shelter, light is crucial for an overnight trip in the outdoors. Plus, solar flashlights never run out of batteries. You can use them every day and charge your solar flashlights in the sun hundreds of times. High-quality tactical solar flashlights have many other functions too. With features like a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter, they become even more practical.

Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

Smartphones are always handy to have around. But there is one problem with them. They run out of power quickly without a charge. So, how do you power them on an overnight fishing trip? You need a solar powered cell phone charger. Keeping your cell phone charged is about more than convenience. With a charged phone, you can contact loved ones. You can also send them updates to let them know your trip is going well. Best of all, you can contact authorities in case of an emergency. That makes a solar cell phone charger an essential piece of survival equipment.

Portable Water Filter

You should always bring plenty of water when you go cold-weather fishing. However, you should also be ready for the unexpected. That’s why high-quality survival equipment is a must. Pack a portable water filter for drinking water. Since you’re fishing, you’ll have a freshwater source nearby. All that’s left is to filter it, and you’ve got water you can drink.

Windproof Arc Lighter

Survival in the backcountry is about packing the basics. Bring drinking water and a backup water filter. Survival food kits are perfect for quick, tasty food outdoors. Be sure you have the right clothes, plus extras, to stay dry and warm. Make sure your shelter can handle the cold. Pack solar flashlights for a reliable light source. That covers food and water, shelter, and light. However, there is another basic need for an overnight trip when it’s cold—fire. Enter the arc lighter, a key piece of survival equipment. Arc lighters are windproof, and the arc is hotter than flame. Find a portable option with a flexible tube for easier fire-lighting.

Campfire Cooking Kit

Finally, you need a campfire cooking kit. Since everything tastes better cooked on a campfire, choose a versatile kit. Your cooking supplies should include a stainless pot with a lid, a frying pan, and a handy cooking multi-tool. Make sure the kit also has a carrying bag for easy storage. With all this equipment, you’ll be ready for the trip of a lifetime.

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