Smart Tips for Shifting During the Festive Season

Moving from one location to another was not as easy in the past as it is today. However, with the advancements in technology, you can now move any size of your consignment anywhere with the minimum effort possible. Thanks to the modern infrastructure and excellent transport means that have transformed the relocation process dramatically. However, moving during the festive season through packers and movers in Vrindavan is completely different from relocating at normal times as you might experience longer traffic jams during this time. People rush towards their homes to celebrate the festival with their family members. Moreover, the markets are also flooded with people purchasing decoration items and sweets.

So, you are required to plan your move cautiously to avoid any delay in your move during the festive season. Here are a few important tips to follow to shift your home during the festive time:-

Pack Room by Room

Make sure to give ample time to your packing process rather than packing everything in a single day. Remember, packing your home during the festive season is not an easy task as most of you are already busy preparing for your festival. So, make sure to pack your household items little by little. For example, you can pack the items of one room first and then proceed to pack another room. Also, you can take a few breaks while packing your articles. This will save you from unnecessary stress during the packing process. Also, make sure to choose a place where you can place your boxes before starting your packing process.

Pack a Few Holiday Decorations

Make sure to pack a few decorative items to celebrate your festival as there is no need to pack your bags only with these articles. You should concentrate on your move first to move seamlessly to another location. So, it is advisable to go through the physical layout of your new house to know about the items you need in the new house. However, some people want to decorate their house for their festival. These people should only go for minimal decorations. They should pack less number of items to decorate their new home.

Be Wary of Your Expenses

Most people are completely ignorant about the expenses they need to make while shifting during the festive season. As you also need to prepare for your festival, you must spend wisely during your move. The best would be to create a moving budget for your upcoming move. This will help you spend on the items that you need on an urgent basis. So, make sure to stay within your budget to stay away from unnecessary stress.

Create Multiple Budgets


So, why should you create multiple budgets? Well, unlike any time of the year, you spend too much on your festivals. So, you will never know when you will be running out of your budget. Hence make sure to create multiple budgets to avoid any financial problems during the move. You must make separate budgets for your move and other expenses related to your festival celebrations. This will help you in saving your money for your upcoming move and festival.

Start As Early As Possible

The festival time is always a busy time. During this time, many markets remain open at late night. Also, there is too much rush on streets and roads. So, to avoid the rush and heavy traffic jams, it is best to start your relocation early in the morning. This will help you move safely and timely. Most people don’t plan their move. As a result, they get stuck in heavy traffic jams and get late in reaching their destination. So, you must initiate your move as early as possible to relocate your household goods seamlessly.

Transfer Your Utilities Quickly

Transferring your utilities during the festive season will take more time than expected. The reason behind it is that most offices are closed during the festival time. So, you need to forward your application at least a month before the festival. If you do this, all your utilities will be transferred before the festival. This will help you live peacefully in your new home without any stress. Moreover, you can also celebrate your festival without thinking of transferring your utilities. So, act quickly and get your utilities transferred before booking your packers and movers in Vrindavan. Some of the utilities that you might want to shift to your new home include a broadband connection, gas connection, phone connection, etc.

Buy Packing and Moving Materials from the Local Markets

Well, make sure to buy your packing and moving supplies from the flea markets or the nearby local markets. This will help you get these materials at the most competitive rates. You will certainly find discounts on these materials in the local market. This will reduce your moving expenses to a great extent while shifting your articles during the festive season.

Ask for Help

If you have opted for a DIY move, then it is best to get help from your friends. As they too are free during the festivals, you will be able to move your bulky belongings easily through them. They will assist you not only in packing and moving your goods but also in unpacking them. So, if you are planning to relocate to your destination all alone, then do not forget to get assistance from your friends.


Whether you are relocating on normal days or during the festive season, you must not forget to de-clutter your house before your move. It is one of the best tips to shift affordably during the festive season. De-cluttering is a process to find out the items that are no longer in use by you. Once you separate these items from the important stuff, consider donating or selling them.

Donate or Sell the Unused Items

Once you are done with de-cluttering your house, the next step is to get rid of them. Now, there are two ways through which you can remove these articles from your house. First, you can donate them to an NGO or an orphanage. Second, you can sell them online. So, you can choose any option you want as per your requirements.


Apart from the above-mentioned tips for shifting during the festive season, you can find other important tips to move safely and economically to your desired destination.

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