SM Editing Tips, Tricks & Best Practices in 2022

SM Editing Tips, Tricks & Best Practices in 2022

Planable is Social Media Editor designed for marketers Editing social media at its very best
Here’s the deal. Here it is, you guys. The main thing this whole article has been working on for a while.
Editing social media isn’t always easy. Note: buy Instagram story views UK Creating content is a simple aspect, but making it look perfect visually and from a branding standpoint requires different tools and skills. Marketers who make use of social media editors can confirm this.

Don’t worry, Pla, “the social media editing tool of your dreams,” Nable is available to help.
Learn how to create the ideal Instagram grids
Everything you require to create your Instagram grid is stunning, beautiful, and easy to manage.

Are you searching for the perfect photo editing program to create the social media marketing strategy that you’ve been dreaming about? With Planable, marketers can modify, edit and collaborate on photos to ensure they’re perfect for social media posts.

This is the most exciting part: Planable offers two options to edit images. Edit images can be done from your composer or after the post is saved. To locate this option, just hover over the image, and it will appear in the upper left-hand corner.

It’s much more, however. Planable’s social editor integrated offers the following options:

First, decorate — to add words and forms to your designs.
It’s pretty straightforward. You can add it wherever you’d like to on the image.
Resize — alter the height and width of your photo. Don’t bother opening Photoshop or any other browser-based photo editor to change the size of your image.
You are cropping Image Cropping without restriction, within certain ratio limitations. You can also flip it and rotate it. Neat.

Filter — everyone loves filters. There are about 13 to pick from. They are both colorful as well as black and white.
Comment — add remarks and suggestions on the photo so that the team of creatives can join in and make fun of the filter you choose. But don’t get offended. You know what creative people are.
Adjust these settings according to your preferences.
Are you unhappy with your changes? Then, you can reverse the changes:

OR switch the image to the original image.

Select “Save” once you’re happy with the layout, and the modifications will be visible on the post. Feel free to check in whenever you’d like to make further changes once it’s saved.
You see precisely what you receive — Planable’s composer allows you to edit and preview your posts immediately.

“What you see is what you get” -this has been the mantra of Planable since the beginning of time.
When teams press CTRL+V on a piece of Instagram text in Planable or modify an image, they observe the post taking shape before their eyes precisely as it appears in real life. No nasty surprises. There aren’t any greyed-out hashtags.

Planable’s composer plays a crucial part in this. It allows marketers to modify their images and see their posts in real-time with their teams playing in the background. They alternate between cheering them on and adding their ideas (that’s the way it works, you think? ).

Do you want to frame your stunningly edited Instagram post? Unfortunately, we can’t assist you with communicating your Instagram post. How about enhancing your photo by using an excellent frame image? This is the time to discuss. Choose from 9easily-changeable frame templates that are easily adjustable. You can even pick the color!
Plan and schedule your Instagram posts according to the quality you’re entitled to. No push notifications are required.

An online calendar for social media designed to aid you in turning those social media photo editing into a marketing campaign

Let’s say you’ve worked out how you’d like to edit your photos, and you’ve applied the final elements. What next? Are there any other options that you can do? Plenty. However, today we’ll concentrate on one thing Calendar of Planable’s social media.

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What does this have to do with the remainder of the piece? Let’s look at it this way. If you’ve spent so long making a photo and then retouching it, it’s an injustice not to put an equal amount of effort into preparing an effective social media strategy around the image.

The social media calendar from Planable lets you do this. With it, teams can visualize their content according to month or week and view all of their content in one glance across their entire pages. In addition, it’s designed to work with the “one calendar, one integrated strategy” kind of mindset. This means that there’s no need to switch between several tabs to keep an eye on something minor.

OH, I almost missed it. Scheduling. Also, time slots. Calendars have those features also. Here’s how it operates:
Join Planable If you’re not already (we don’t judge). It’s free.

To the top left corner of the screen, choose “Calendar view.”
Spend a few minutes looking at the calendar that Planable has created. Check it out. It’s… You are sure of that, do you?
Take a moment to shake off the feeling of amazement, click “Compose,” and start fiddling with your blog post. Be sure to incorporate everything you learned before.

Do you not like the allotted slot? Don’t worry. Assigning posts to spaces that aren’t yours is as easy as dropping them in their respective places.
That’s all there is to it. Play around with it. It’s delightful.

social media editing

Other applications for editing photos from social media to check out for


Pixlr is among the most well-known photo editing apps available on the market. Available for Android and iOS, The app has numerous social media editing options to make your content stand out. These options include adjusting the size of social media photos creating collages, the double exposure feature, color splash, and many more. Although editing applications for social media can be found, this one’s quite solid.


The following tool for editing images for social media is PicCollage. It is an image editing tool for social media which is user-friendly, even on smartphones. It has the same features as similar apps but some exciting new features. One of them is the easy integration into social media sites and the capability to send images to print. There are also a variety of holiday card templates and a “freestyle mode” to create customized collages.


VSCO can be described as a hybrid video-photo editing and photo-sharing platform. Apart from its ease of use, another essential characteristic (or, more accurately, the service) is that by becoming a VSCO member, users may have access to a community like Instagram. Apart from that, VSCO includes tons of alternatives to your standard editing options, including the capability to create GIFs and a montage option and exporting and importing edit options to RAW photographs.
This is our selection of Facebook photo editing tools. If you have suggestions you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to contact us!


This concludes our discussion on our article about editing social media. First, we’ve explained the importance of editing your social media and how you can integrate it into your company’s internal procedures, and the various ways Planable can help facilitate this. Then finally, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to present a list of some of the top applications for editing social media content to make it easier for you.
The bottom line is that it’s crucial for various reasons, and the use of Planable will make a massive difference to your social media editing effectiveness. So don’t sit there and wait for the right moment and wait for it to be available for a free account.

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