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Restaurants in Ahmedabad to Gorge on Scrumptious Delicacies

The city of Ahmedabad is known for its amazing food palate. Gujarati cuisine offers some of the most delicious delicacies in India. People get amazed by its vibrant colors, unique culture, friendly locals, and of course, the mouth-watering food. 

Be it dhokla, fafda, thepla or anything else, both locals and tourists enjoy devouring the delicacies here. If you want to try this distinct cuisine or want to try delicacies from across the world, you can visit any popular restaurants in Ahmedabad. 

Here are some of the famous restaurants in Ahmedabad that you must definitely check out.


Mocha is known for its amazing ambience, sparkling lights and great food. If you want value for money then you should visit this one of the best restaurants in Ahmedabad. This is also a great place for couples to go for dinners. Kiwi mojito, chocolate avalanche, and garden fresh panini are a must-try here. 

Cost for Two: INR 1000


Popular for its north Indian, Mughlai, and Continental cuisine, Collage is one of the must-visit fine dining restaurants in Ahmedabad. It is owned by the Hyatt group of hotels and is well-maintained. The restaurant also offers outstanding lake side views to its customers. Located in the heart of the city, it is apparently open 24/7. Some of the best selling dishes are poached fish, mutton rogan josh, and murgh angare. 

Cost for Two: INR 2000


Agashiye is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Ahmedabad and offers an array of delicacies from the Gujarati cuisine. It is spread over two terraces and is located on the house of MG. You can also see your food being prepared right in front of you inside their terrace kitchen. Bajari Ni Rab (soup of bajra), Fangavelu Kathol (mixed green sprouts), and Masedar Bataka (a dry potato curry) are some of the must-try delicacies. book cheap flights from LAX to Ahmedabad through Indian Eagle

Cost for Two: INR 1500

Earthen Oven

If you are a non-vegan, you must head to Earthen Oven. You will not only be able to enjoy delicious food but also the soul-soothing ambience. They also have live music in order to entertain their guests while they devour delicacies. You can enjoy spectacular views of this heritage city and experience fine dining through the regal ambience. No matter what you want to order, don’t forget to try their paneer khurchan and chicken shorba. Their biryani is also one of the best in the town. 

Cost for Two: INR 1500


Are you fond of Japanese cuisine? If yes, then you must head to Nonya. It is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Ahmedabad for non-vegetarians. The Pan-Asian delicacies here will leave you wanting for more. Jasmine rice, sushi, dim sum are some of the must-try food items here. You can also try the different Chinese and Malaysian dishes here as these are also very popular. 

Cost for Two: INR 2000


One of the budget restaurants in Ahmedabad, Unlocked is known for its excellent ambience and lip-smacking delicacies. The interiors have been carefully curated to suit the taste of people from different parts of the country. The chic and modern furnishing at this place makes it one of the most instagrammable restaurants in the city. You should definitely try the waffles, peri peri chicken, and brownie shake at Unlocked. 

Cost for Two: INR 750

650 The Global Kitchen

If you want to rather spend a delightful evening while devouring your food, you  must head to 650 The Global Kitchen. WIth excellent wooden furnishing and amazing interiors, it’s a great place for candlelight dinner. You will absolutely be impressed by the elegant ambience, classic architecture and innovative decor. The staff is well-trained, polite and treats all guests with equal respect. Don’t forget to try their pesto pasta, ravioli, and paneer parcha. 

Cost for Two: INR 1000

There are many other restaurants in Ahmedabad. You can visit any based on your preference, which might be trying the local food or any other dishes from different cuisines. From dhokla, fafda, thepla to pizza, burger, sushi, lasagna; you will find all these delicacies at various eateries around the city. So, which one of the restaurants would you like to visit during your trip to Ahmedabad? Comment below and let us know what you will order at your choice of restaurant. 

You can now book cheap flights from SFO to Ahmedabad through Indian Eagle and save more on your travel expenses. So, why wait? Plan your trip today and get ready to devour delicious dishes.

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