Oldies But Goodies! Shelf Wobblers Work Better Than Ever Before

The shopping aisles have definitely evolved over the years However; wobblers were able to endure the tests of the test of time. Although they first appeared 50 years ago, they remain effective retail promotional tools to date.

What’s their secret? And how can you ensure that your wobblers are doing the entire “shelf talker” required to drive sales?

What Are Digital Shelf Wobblers?

At the point of sale the animated displays draw the attention of customers regardless of whether they’re used for promotions for discounts, displaying new products, or highlighting specific products’ features.

They display images or text, and are thus ideally suite to be a draw for customers in retail stationery stores for items of everyday usage, such as FMCG items. The customer receives unique advertisements that are displaye on the shelf, and can be kept up to date on deals and promotions.

This Is Retail Marketing Magic!

Because consumers make more than half of their buying decisions in stores, they often require some encouragement to concentrate on a specific item. While packaging design is a great way to help an item to stand out from the crowd, the market is a bit overcrowded.

Supermarkets overwhelm shoppers with thousands or hundreds of identical products, and sometimes it’s impossible to differentiate yourself with packaging design alone. This is why shelf wobblers are so important. Shelf wobblers are an excellent illustration of point-of-purchase (POP) marketing and have been proven to increase sales by up to 33 percent.

The Best Methods to Utilise Shelf Wobblers

The shelf is stowed and frantically waving to get the attention of the buyer wobblers give an item an advantage over other products that are on the exact shelf. Also known as ‘shelf talking’ or ‘shelf talkers’, wobblers provide the customer a small sales pitch at the moment. To maintain their enticing effect they should be reserved for:

  •         Competitions for advertising
  •         Products that are being pushed to their expiration dates
  •         Moving other items that require being removed out of the store

Shelf wobbler has also been proven as the best of those product categories that are referred to as ‘crowded ‘which include cosmetics, packaged food electronic products, sweets, electronics and cold drinks.

Because of the high contrast in bright environments the displays are well suitable for retail and can be position on the shelves. A significant impact on the buyer and increase curiosity about the product are ensure by wobbler ads.

Five Wobbler Design Tips

Wobblers of today that are more efficient than ever before have a lot due to the quantity of research and development that went into their design in the past few years. 

1. The Font Size Is Huge

Consumers should be able easily read the words at a distance as well as when they move. Don’t try to fit too many words in an unwieldy space.

2. The Typeface Is Clean And Clear

White, black and red create the best contrasts.

3. Graphic Design Can Be Imaginative However, It Is Not Overly Creative

The message of the wobbler is the principal focus. The fonts and graphics are meant to convey the message, not display the talents of the designer.

4. The Wobbler Is Interesting Because It Has A Story To Share

A wobbler which simply repeats the information on the package isn’t distinctive.

5. The Wobbler Isn’t Around For Long

Remember our previous post about keeping the attention-grabbing impact? People don’t notice wobblers anymore when they’ve been around all day.

Fantastic Benefits of Custom Wobblers And Hangers

After having seen these personalised door hangers that are displayed in the mall, we’ve been enthralled by the idea of this cost-effective and low-cost Point-of-Purchase advertising technique.

It is typically located on the aisles of merchandise in shopping centres or supermarkets in order to catch the attention of their customers and give an organisation an advantage over competitors who are also on those same shelves.

With the increasing competition in the marketplace it is essential to stand out among your other competitors. Like the eye-catching shelf wobblers produced from the brand names Palmolive as well as Safeguard.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 3 main advantages of custom shelving Wobblers.

What makes Custom Shelf Wobblers the ideal marketing tool?

1. Stimulates Sales

Displaying signs like “Big Saver Pack” is sure to draw the attention of customers because of its vibrant red hue and the possibility of saving money. Discounts on sales will attract first-time purchases, as in addition to entice impulse purchases. Shelf Wobblers are also able to increase sale prices, and this is important when you have food stocks that have an expiration date.

2. Practicality

Despite their low cost and ease of use this doesn’t mean that they’re not effective. Shelf Wobblers are among the most well-organised and effective marketing tools that exist.

Similar to heras fence banners as well, they can boost the visibility of your brand and attract buyers. Retailers and brands can utilise Shelf Wobblers for a variety of items and are also able to substitute them.

3. Interactive And Engaging

There are no limits to the types of images you can show on the Shelf Wobbler. One of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers is using barcodes that respond quickly, also known as QR codes. QR codes make buying or taking part in contests for promotional prizes easy.

Customers are able to scan the QR code and play a promotional video on their mobile devices for an understanding of your offerings. The QR code may be link to a survey that will allow you to collect feedback from customers which is vital to build your brand.

In the end custom Shelf Wobblers should be highly suggest to guarantee an ongoing relationship with your customers and a growing number of customers. They’re cost-effective, simple to set up and, more important, effective in bringing awareness of your current promotions.

Eco-Friendly Shelf Talkers And Shelf Wobblers

With consumers of food and drinks seeking higher-quality products made of organic ingredients, no additives, with no preservatives or authenticity, there’s an ever-growing overlap between the consumer’s and barista’s requirements – and that’s the place that minor figures are need.

For point-of-sale displays the goal is to make customers aware of your brand. Usually, this happens in a bustling store with a variety of brands and products. Minor Figures is not a newbie to being a brand that truly stands apart.

The simplicity of a minimalist pastel palette and comical and fun illustrations communicates an essence of both the business and clients. With this strong brand identity minor figures came to us to design in-store POS marketing that reflected their fundamental values of respecting people, craftsmanship and quality, as well as sustainability.


They’re an excellent illustration for how marketing products will positively reflect your company’s values, in this instance showing the importance Minor Figures places on sustainability and top quality.

These stunning shelf wobblers were create with a material that’s completely recycle  and recyclable. They’re an excellent illustration for how marketing products can effectively reflect your brand’s values, in this instance it is a clear example of the importance Minor Figures places on sustainability and top quality.


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