Muslim Boys Names

Quranic Boys Names

Muslim Boys Names with Meanings. Parents first decision is choosing a quality name for their newborn child. It is complicated for parents to finally decide on the name. But don’t make it difficult, I made this difficult task easy for you. Here you can easily choose a great name for your newborn baby. First, you have collected the great names that you like to choose then finalize the best name from the collected list. The final chosen name will best suit your baby forever.

Islam is the world second highest population in the world after Christianity. Islam separated whole world. The highest population of Islam lives in Asian countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabic, Qatar, Iran, Bangladesh, UAE, and other Arabian countries. Many Muslim populations live in Africa, America, and European countries. In these countries Muslim love to choose Quranic, Arabic, Urdu, and Persian names for their children. In the whole world, Muslims strongly follow Islamic culture and traditions and follow Quran and Hadith.

Furthermore, Here I have collected Muslim Boys’ Names with Meanings. You have to search here for your desirable name for your newborn baby boy. These names are very strong with powerful meanings. You have found here Quranic names from every verse, Arabic names, and Persian, and Urdu names for your baby boy. Here some names are posted for you and you can search here. If you cannot find any name then click the above list of names.

Muslim Boys Names

Name Meanings
Aahad Unity, Oneness, Harmony
Aahid The Commitment
Aahil Great King, Great Leader
Aaish Live, Enjoy life
Aajoorum Religious man, Sufi
Aaliyan Tall and Healthy
Aamil It means a hardworking person
Aamin The one having a great grace of God
Aaqib The Follower of Allah
Aaqil One Who is Wise and Intelligent
Aarah The one having high qualities as mountain
Aarib Handsome, Healthy
Aatazaz Someone important or Servant of the Mighty
Aazam Someone Supreme. Powerful
Aazif The Harvest
Aazim The one who is determined
Aazz Stroger
Abrak A person who is most blessed
Abraz The most distinctive person
Abriz The purest form of Gold
Adnan Paradise
Adyan Religious
Afan Forgiver, Modest
Afraaz Very learned in the Divine Law
Afran Nobleman love
Afroze Bright, Shining
Afsah Very pleasant, Charming
Afsar Official, Leader, Governor
Afshaar Partner, Companion
Afta Last baby, Younger
Aftab The Sun
Afzaal Grace collection, Forgiveness
Ahad Single

Muslim Boys Names

Barni  One who brings victory
Basalat Bravery
Basaud Exalted, Blessed
Baseem Smiling
Baseer Having Sight
Baseerat The Sight of the Heart, The Wisdom
Baseet Wide, Spacious
Basil Royal, Kingly
Basim Smile
Basir Watcher
Batal Brave, Champion, Hero
Batalat Stupidity
Batin Hidden
Batish Mighty, Powerful
Batl One who devoted himself to worshiping God
Bazigh Bright, Shining
Bazil Royal
Behlool Happy
Behnam Distinguished, Honorable, Reputable
Behraam Planet
Behroz Lucky
Behzad Designer
Berezat Exalted
Berjees Jupiter
Bihar Indian Ocean
Bozid To Thrive
Buhaan Proof
Buluj Light
Buraak Lightning
Buraaq Bright
Buraq Bright One
Burhan Proof
Burzin Respectable
Burzishn Praise
Bustaan Garden
Cadi Fate
Cailey Beloved
Chabuk Smart, Intelligent
Chanan Light of a religion
Chandeen Much, Many
Changaiz Brave
Charjah Lamp
Chashana Scholar
Chaudhry Respected man in a village
Chauj Beauty
Chawish Leader of an army
Chegmag Song
Cher Conquered
Chirag Lamp
Chitrazat Born in a good family
Chohan A sub caste of Rajputs
Chughtai Decscendants of Chagatai khan
Ciro Sun
Coman Morality
Cyrus Kings of Iran
Daamin Guarantor
Dabir Judge
Daee Caller, Evangelist
Dafiq Jubilant, Buoyant, Active
Daheem Crown of Iranian Kings
Daib Good Friend
Daim Perpetual, Constant
Daiyan A Mighty ruler, Judge
Dalil Evidence, Proof
Dalook To rub perfume, Balm
Damer Iron
Damil Honor
Dani God is my judge, Near, Close
Danish Knowledge, Learning, Intelligent
Daniyal Intelligent
Danyal Known intellectual and careful with justice
Darab Admiral
Darim One who takes short steps

Muslim Boys Names

Eshaam Worthy success
Eshaan Shining
Ewaan Young warrior
Ewan Brave young, Warrior
Eyab To return
Eyad Possesed Power
Eyan Peaceful
Ezaan Acceptance
Ezan Obedience
Ezaz Honour
Ezdan Merciful
Fadi Redeemer
Fadil Generous
Fahan Wind
Fahd Panther, Lynx
Faheel Good Ancestry
Fahesh Excessive
Faisal Decisive, Resolute
Faiz Victorious
Faizan Graceful, Charity, Great benefit
Fajr Dawn, Daybreak
Fakhir Proud
Faraj Relief
Fardan Unprecedented
Fareed One of a kind, Unique
Farees Horseman
Farhan Glad, Rejoicing, Happiness
Farid One of a kind, Unique
Fariq lieutenant General
Faris Knight, Horseman
Farraj Unknown
Farran Baker
Faruq Falsehood
Fassed Spoiled, Bad
Fateh Conqueror
Fath Victory
Fauad Heart
Fawwaz Successful
Fawzi Unknown
Fazli Kind, Graceful
Ferar Flight, Escape
Ferhan Rejoicing
Ferran Baker
Firas Perspicacity
Ghabir Date
Ghadir Hollow, Pond
Ghaffar Merciful, Forgiving
Ghafir God Generous Kindhearted
Ghaidaq Packer Nobility
Ghaishan Young
Ghaleefer The Architect
Ghalman Jannati, Servants
Ghamaz Kind Hearted
Ghamr Giving a lot of charity
Ghanyan Wealthy, Needless
Gharan Beauty
Ghasef A Happy Life
Ghasiq The Night of the new Moon, Moon
Ghassan Youth, Prime of life
Ghateem Watery
Ghaus Helpful
Ghawass Swimmer
Ghayab Hidden
Ghayad Delicacy, Slender, Softness of a Woman
Ghayoor Self Respecting
Ghazal The poem, Flirt, Words of love
Ghazanfar Brave, Lion
Ghazar One with kind behavior
Ghazif Soft Heart
Ghaziz Fresh Flower
Ghaznoq Beautiful
Ghilman Slave

Muslim Boys Names

Hadeer Beautiful
Hadi Peaceful leader
Hafad Obedient
Hafiz One who Guards
Haim Life success
Haiq Wall
Haizam Bold, Daring, fearless
Hajib Doorman, Janitor, Bailiff, Eyebrow
Hajjaj One who Argues A lot
Hali The Sea
Halif Ally, Confederate, One who takes An Oath
Halim Gentle, Forvearing, Mild, Patient
Hamad Praise of God
Hamdan The praised one
Hami Protector, Patron, Supporter,
Hamid Praiseworthy
Hamil Flat-topped Hill
Hamim An intimate, close friend
Hamiz Intelligent
Hanan Compassion and Kindness
Hannaf Favor, Grace
Haqiq Suitable, Obligated
Haqqani Correct, Right, Proper
Harab High Speed
Haras An establishment that breeds horses
Harim Companion, Friend
Haroon Winner
Haseeb Honorable
Hashir Collector another name or Prophet Muhammad
Hasin Good-looking
Hasnan Beautiful
Hasnat Beautiful, Fair, Elegant
Hassam Sharp Sword
Hatif Oracle
Hatim Judge, Inevitable, Ruler, King
Haviz One who remembers” lit. ”Keeper”
Hawaz Brave
Hayyan Alive, Awake
Hazan Cantor
Hazin Treasurer prince, Said
Haziq Skillful
Hazir God, Present, Ready
Hemil Handsome brave
Hemin Calm
Hibban Lovers, Beloved One
Hify Wisdom, Gracious
Hikmat Knowledge
Hisaan Beautiful
Hisar Fort
Hubab Aim, Friendship
Humam Courageous, Generous
Humayl A companion of the Prophet(SAW)
Hunzair Laughter
Hussain Good, Small Handsome one
Hydin Independent grace
Ibrahim Name of Prophet
Ibran Variant of Ibrahim
Ibsan Beauty, Beautiful
Ibsham Fragrant Tree
Ibtehaj Joy, Delight
Ibtihaj Joy, Delight
Ibtisaam Smile
Idaan King, Helper
Idrak Accomplishment, Achievement
Idrees A Prophet’s name
Ifaaz Helper
Ifaz King, Helper
Iffan Time, Season
Ifran Identity
Ifraq Love
Ifraz Height, Altitude
Iftikhar Honour
Ifzal Eminence, Superiority
Ihsan Beautification
Imad Support, Pillar
Imaz Kind, Pleasing, Affectionate
Imran Prosperity, Host
Imroz Today
Imsaal Unique, One of a Kind
Imtinan Gratefulness
Inam Kindness, Benefaction, Bestowal
Inayat Bounty, Kindness, Favour
Intezar To Wait
Intisam Be perfumed
Inzamam To Unite, To get together
Iqtidar Power, Authority
Iravat Rain clouds
Irfan Thankfulness
Irtaza Favorite
Irtiza Approval
Isaad One who is adjusting and cooperative
Isaam Self-made success
Isaq Trustworthy, Honest
Ishaq Standing on the Right
Ishat Superior
Ishfaq Compassion, Kindness
Ishir Another name for Agni
Ismat Purity, Chastity, Modesty
Ivan God is Merciful, Gift of God
Iwin Invisible Masquerade, Silent
Iyaad Reinforcement, Generous, Powerful
Iyaas Compensation

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