Move out cleaning: Tips for cleaning in a move

Tips for cleaning in a move

Moving is usually a time of great tension and stress, especially when you have to combine it with work or when you have little time. Since it is normal that during this process the house is dirtier and there are boxes everywhere. But do not spread panic. With the following tips for cleaning in a move, this drink will surely be more bearable and you will know how to better manage the situation.

Clean the house before you move

Cleaning in a move implies leaving a house clean and empty and also preparing the new house to move into it. So the first step is to take advantage of the fact that the house you are moving to is completely empty to do a thorough general cleaning.

  • Start cleaning the ceilings. If it’s not freshly painted, it probably has accumulated dust, so climb a ladder and go over it with a damp cloth.

  • Follow the walls. When the house is full of furniture and paintings, you will never go over the empty walls again. If we painted them they are probably also clean, but if not, go through them with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt. If there is a scratch on furniture or shoes, try to remove it using an eraser. It offers very good results for this type of stain.

  • Cleaning according to the type of floor. On the floor, the dirt accumulates much more, and it is also more noticeable. Vacuum, sweep, and mop. Always use the cleaning products for each type of floor so as not to damage it and keep it always clean.

  • Don’t forget the switches. Hands accumulate all kinds of bacteria, so don’t forget to do a good cleaning on them. Take advantage and also scrub doors and doorknobs before moving in.

Cleaning the kitchen thoroughly is an essential task for cleaning in a move

Kitchens that have had previous use always accumulate a large amount of grease and dirt. That is why it is so important to pay special attention to this space in the house.

You can start by opening the furniture and taking out drawers, trays, and shelves to do a thorough cleaning with bleach or any other cleaning disinfectant.

Clean the range hood. Uninstall the various parts and use a suitable degreaser to leave it as good as new.

A look at the windows

Cleaning windows takes a lot of work since you have to clean them inside and out, including the frames.

To clean the crystals, use a crystal cleaner and a specific microfiber cloth to clean crystals and glass. The rails under the windows will also require deep cleaning. You can use a vacuum cleaner and wipe them with a disinfectant product to leave them as good as new.

When to clean the furniture in a move? And the decorative objects?

To answer these questions, we must first consider what type of move we are going to make. If the furniture and objects are going to be perfectly packed and are going to remain in a clean place, it does not matter if it is clean before them or after the move.

But if instead, you are going to use an old van or you are going to do the move yourself, without having perfectly closed boxes, we recommend you clean the furniture and other decorative objects when you finish the move, in the new house.

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