Men’s Belt Guide, Should I Wear a Formal or Casual Belt?

Accessories made with leather are always given preference by almost everybody. Leather formal belts for men and casual belts are always kept on the wishlist as it enhances the overall look of a person. And leather belts can be trusted more than the other fabrics. Leather items are a bit expensive, but it can be said that it is a one-time investment. Investing in good quality products is always a better choice and leather belts are one of them as it makes a person look stylish as well as classy.

Leather has been used for so many years to make various items and is still the best material to make certain leather items. Purchasing leather belts has always been advantageous to people. And the right belt holds the whole outfit together.

So here is the best men’s belt guide ever.

What is a belt?

A belt holds the entire outfit and makes it fit according to the need. A belt has either one or two parts depending on its type. One is a buckle and the other is a strap. Some belts have belts and buckles joined together. Some belts have a detachable buckle which can be changed as per the choice.

Formal Or Casual Belt?

Belts must be chosen wisely as it affects the attire of a person. Also, shoes make a huge difference if not carried with the correct belt. There are two types of belts:

  1. Formal belts (also known as dress belts)
  2. Casual belts
  • Formal belts for formal occasions:

If going for a Business meeting, the formal belt is worn with suits to complete your overall look. Top grain leather belts are the only material that is suitable for formal occasions. Especially, black and brown colour belts are the best formal coloured leather belts. There are other colours too such as navy, tan, white and so on.

If you are wearing a formal belt, it must match the shoe and the outfit’s metal. Whole outfits when held together must have a shine which will attract the interviewer or the boss, if going for a business meeting or something like that. Your look will be more enhanced when the buckle of the belt and other accessories of metal has a similar shine. Formal belts are generally shiny and smooth. They use a small frame style buckle.

  • Casual belts for casual events:

One should wear casual belts such as jeans and other dresses when going for a casual occasion. Casual leather belts can be of a variety of colours. In casual dress, it is not necessary to have a similar shine between the accessories, buckle, and shoes. Rather, you can wear contrasting colours to have a casual and classy look.

Casual leather belts have a different structure than formal ones. They are rugged and even matte in look, sometimes in a braided form. Casual belts are a bit tough, stiff, and broader than formal belts. The buckles can be changed as per the occasion from a frame style buckle to a cowboy buckle to match the boots.


Leather belts have always been an unrepentant decision. According to the occasion, leather belts are chosen. Selecting leather belts besides every other belt is the best choice you will ever have. It maintains the class of a person as well as gives you confidence. It will be tough to decide whether to buy it or not at first but after investing, you will never regret your choice. Casual leather belts for men and also formal belts made of leather are the most preferred ones. They require a bit of care and there you go!

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