Marriage’s Importance in Islam

The fact that we share the same soul demonstrates our human equality. When the essence of our creations is identical, arguing over who is superior or greater is unnecessary. To emphasize this fact and then discuss marriage in the same verse is significant for those of us who work in marriage counselling; the Quran teacher will explain you in detail below.

In the ultimate Wisdom of Allah, we are informed that both spouses, man, and woman, are created from the same source and that this is one of His Signs worthy of our attention.

A change in this mindset of gender equality as human beings creates an imbalance in marital interactions, resulting in unhappy marriages. When one party believes they are superior or above the law, a shift of power can lead to the misuse or abuse of that power. Consequently, the less valuable partner is considered an easy target. Numerous marital issues stem from or are caused by the control and rule strategy.

By emphasizing the equality of all humans, whether male or female and making it the foundation of marriage, Allah, in His Infinite Wisdom, has established the groundwork for the establishment of peace. He has allocated separate duties to the husband and wife as a functional strategy, not as an issue of human competence.

According to the preceding Quranic verses, the purpose of marriage is to enable us to live in peace and tranquility. We must consider these terms and their relevance within the Islamic context.

It must meet certain requirements for peace to exist.

These conditions are necessary for peace: Justice, Fairness, Equity, Equality, and the satisfaction of mutual rights. Any injustice, whether oppression or persecution, must be permitted if Muslim families are to be peaceful.

Domestic oppression manifests when the Shura (consultation) process is corrupted, neglected, or disregarded. When one partner (often the husband) makes unilateral decisions and exercises a dictatorial leadership style, peace is compromised. Persecution exists whenever any form of domestic violence is perpetrated.


On the other hand, is a state of being attained after the establishment of peace. When there is anxiety, stress, and rage, tranquility is disrupted. As one is never immune to tragedies and catastrophes, it is erroneous to equate serenity with a state of continuous happiness. In reality, God constantly states in the Quran that they will put believers to the test. However, tranquillity enables one to endure difficult circumstances with their wives as God’s devoted slaves. In His immense mercy, God also supplies us with the means to attain this condition of serenity and tranquility.

The second principle of Islamic family life is Rahma, which means mercy. As stated in the passage above, God has placed kindness in spouses’ hearts. Therefore, we are inclined by our very nature to show mercy to one another. The manifestations of mercy are compassion, forgiveness, care, and humility.

Each of these elements contributes to the success of a partnership. In Islam, marriage is a partnership based on the equality of partners and the delineation of duties. In Islamic standards, the absence of mercy in a marriage or family renders it dysfunctional.

Allah adds that in addition to mercy, He has also placed love between spouses.

It should be highlighted, however, that the Islamic definition of love is distinct from the increasingly cherished romantic love as it is widely understood.

In the Islamic framework, love between a man and a woman can only be fulfilled and expressed through a formal marriage. To build a healthy channel for the expression of love between a man and a woman and to provide security so that such a relationship can flourish. Shariah protection is required (Islamic law).

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