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Islands have strange shapes in the world

These islands are all works of nature without any human intervention or photoshop editing.

Mother Nature always knows how to surprise us. In addition to the majestic and poetic beauty, sometimes Mother Nature also gives birth to places with unique shapes, looking down from above will create many interesting associations.

Typical among them are the islands possessing a special “appearance”. All without human intervention or photoshop but completely original from nature.

Helicopter island (Philippines)

Dilumacad Island located in El Nido (Palawan, Philippines) is noticed by many domestic and international tourists because of its very special shape. The shape of the island resembles a helicopter, only missing the propeller part. In the “helicopter” body is a dense tropical forest covered by high cliffs. Below the tail of the helicopter is a beach with white sand creating a poetic scene.

Turtle island (Taiwan)

Guishan is an island in the Pearl River estuary. The island is around 10 square kilometers large and is located near other islands in the estuary, notably Lantau and the Soko Islands. The island is variously described as being part of Hong Kong and Zhuhai, with most sources favoring the latter. The island’s west side features shallow water while its east features deeper water

Shaped like a giant sea turtle, Guishan Island is in fact an active volcano in Taiwan. This island is quite large and is the only place where people live. In addition to possessing a unique shape, Guishan Island is also known for lying in the sea where many schools of whales swim.

Smiley Island (Malaysia)

Mamutik, Sulug and Manukan are the names of three small islands in Malaysia. When viewed from above, it will form a cute smiley face. Almost every tourist who flies over here and sees this archipelago feels happy every time. These are three of the five islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park located off the coast of Kota Kinabalu. On the islands, there are wonderful beaches with many coral reefs that are very suitable for scuba diving.

Dolphin island (Italy)

The shape of the island of Sirenuse, located near the Amalfi coast in southern Italy, resembles a gentle dolphin. Thanks to its unique shape, the island has become a famous tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors every year. Coming here, visitors will enjoy a wonderful vacation with luxurious services and hotels.

Boomerang island (Vietnam)

Quite a few of you were surprised to learn that in the Truong Sa archipelago of Vietnam, there is an island whose shape looks like a Boomerang toy. The Spratly Islands also have more than 750 coral reefs, islets, sand dunes, … with many other unique shapes. The marine ecosystem here is extremely rich and diverse with fishes, grasses and seaweeds.

Fish Island (Croatia)

It looks cute, but the Gaz fish island in the Brijuni archipelago, Croatia is considered one of the world’s most famous and important archaeological sites. This place currently holds culture and many valuable archaeological works related to dinosaurs from ancient times. Gaz Fish Island has discovered 200 dinosaur footprints.

Pizza island (Portugal)

Italy is the starting place for pizza, but Portugal is the country that owns the pizza-shaped island. The island, called Vila Franca do Campo, was formed from a flooded crater. Seen from above, it looks like a delicious piece of pizza lying in the middle of the blue sea.

Seahorse Island (Ecuador)

Isabela Island (in the Galapagos Islands) was formed millions of years ago from volcanic eruptions. Its shape looks exactly like a swimming seahorse. Many people after watching it mistakenly thought this was an image edited through photoshop. The MODIS remote sensing imaging tool captured the island from NASA’s Aqua satellite in 2002.

Molokini (Hawaii)

Molokini is a small, uninhabited islet formed by a crescent-shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater that is situated in Maui County, Hawai’i, in the Alalalkeiki Channel between the islands of Maui and Kahoolawe. It is one of the seven Pleistocene volcanoes that contributed to the formation of the ancient island of Maui Nui during the Quaternary Period of the Cenozoic Era.

The islet is situated around 2.53 miles (4.07 km) west of Makena State Park and south of Maalaea Bay. It has a surface area of 23.2 acres (9.4 hectares), a diameter of roughly 0.42 miles (0.7 km), and a height of 168.34 feet (51 m) at its highest point. An island in Hawaii is designated as a seabird sanctuary.

Crocodile island

Crocodile Island located off the coast of Palaui Island in the Cagayan Province. Contrary to its name, there are no crocodiles on or around this islet. Its name derives from the island’s shape, which when seen from a distance like a crocodile lazing. Only a few visitors can enter the island at once because it is smaller than most of the other locations on a standard Palaui Island hopping tour. In addition to its unusual shape, the island has marble cliffs that double as viewing platforms and rock formations that resemble fragmented pieces of stone. The adjacent Palaui Island and the town of Sta. Ana are visible from the viewing deck.

Backrooms game

The Backrooms Game is a wonderful escape room horror game for thrill-seekers. Never stop running if you don’t want to face the most terrible creature!

The Backrooms are a brand-new phenomenon on the internet, having only been around for a year. In any case, they have completely taken over the creepypasta community. The unending location has been the subject of numerous tales, works of fan art, and video games. The Backrooms Game is arguably the most well-rounded interactive experience currently accessible, although as a concept it is still underdeveloped.

Backrooms is a terrifying game unlike any other you’ve played, leading you through an unending amount of lit-up rooms. You will need to explore a bizarre dimension that is based on the same-named Creepypasta story. There are passageways in this odd reality that are absolutely barren and devoid of any furniture. Your life is in danger there from a shadowy, evil presence.

When you move, guard your back by doing so, and pay great attention to your motions and the sounds in your immediate environment. If you enter the wrong regions, try not to get disturbed by the buzzing fluorescent lights, and don’t make any extra noises, you will be chased down before you know it. How long can you expect to live?

How to play backrooms?

Your character in The Backrooms Game travels into an odd environment with odd rooms and passageways. All of them are too old and smelly because they haven’t been used in a while and there haven’t been any guests. To win the Backrooms Game online, you must use your extraordinary brains to figure out the fastest way to leave this building.

To create a solid strategy, you must first investigate everything in this building. In this phase, there is an exit. However, don’t get too enthused too quickly because this is when you’ll encounter your first challenge. Take a look at everything in this space. There are occasionally strange, useless artifacts lying about. They can assist you with any issue, so keep a look out for them. Some notes might be found, and you might be curious as to who penned them. Because someone else wrote it with the same objective as you, it might be a valuable clue, or it might be a poor move made by someone trying to trick you.

It’s no longer weird to play that horror game with the unique sounds. During this game, this sounds might come from a far corner. Please let someone else in the room. In that case, it doesn’t seem like this creature is on your side. It becomes progressively challenging to distinguish between real events and your imagination when certain puzzling situations occur. But keep your attention on the task at hand; you must depart right away. Make sure your ultimate conclusion does not disturb you because there are numerous outcomes that could happen.


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