How to Travel Safely During the Christmas Holidays?

The plane remains one of the safest ways to travel, even in the era of Covid. Indeed, known for example that the air in the cabin of the plane is completely renewed every three minutes, on average, when the plane is on a cruise flight. In addition, airlines have taken all possible precautions to minimize crowding and the risk of contagion.

However, during the Christmas holidays, airports and train stations are likely to be a little more crowded than usual, and it can be difficult to keep a minimum distance from other passengers. Here are the tips for traveling safely.

Get your Health Pass

First, you must ensure that you meet the health control requirements and that you have the necessary documents to enter the country you are going to. A Health Pass for travel, which can be obtained after the completion of a vaccination cycle, recovery, or a negative test, is now compulsory for all travel by train or plane.

If possible, it is preferable to check in and book your flight online, to limit physical contact as much as possible. At the airport, it is advisable to arrive well in advance as social distancing protocols may increase wait times.

Comply with security protocols

Wearing a mask is now proven to be the key to preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2, an invaluable tool for protecting yourself and others. Invest in a high-quality travel mask that fits your face perfectly but is also breathable. It should be snug but comfortable enough to wear for several hours.

If you do not have soap and water to clean your hands. You must use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol (hydroalcoholic gel). Experts agree that good old-fashioned handwashing with soap and water for. At least 20 seconds is one of the best defenses, as hand sanitizers can irritate the skin when used. excessive.

Bookless busy days and times

Booking less busy days and times, such as late evening or early morning flights. Is a good way to avoid crowds and maintain social distancing. This is especially important if you have children under two who cannot wear a mask.

Where you book can also make a difference. Experts suggest saving window seats for unvaccinated children (or adults). Due to the presence of air vents along with the interior panels of most planes. It is therefore always better to take a seat where there is air circulation. You’ll also be farther away from people walking down the airplane aisle.

Sitting for many hours is not always easy but getting up and moving around in the cabin. Or along the route can facilitate contact with infected people, although the risk is minimal.

Keep abreast of the health situation in the country of destination

No one wants to have to cancel their mother daughter trips, especially if it’s to visit family they haven’t seen in a long time or a vacation they’ve been putting off since the pandemic began. Unfortunately, this virus does not care about travel plans.

As a travel blogger, it is important to consider whether Covid-19 spreads easily in the area you will be traveling to. If the situation is critical, it may be time to rethink your travel plans.

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