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How to Remove Word Password VBA Code? Easy Guide

Remove Word Password VBA Code With Expert Solution

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost the password for your file or could not remove word password VBA code? Don’t let your worries get to you. Provides the most effective manual and automatic techniques for recovering VBA code from password-protected Word documents. Removing encrypted Word VBA passwords is a common request from users.

Microsoft Word is one of the most efficient and widely used office tools in the world. It is used to create, edit, and format documents in businesses, classrooms, and homes. Many developers, programmers, and business users password-protect their Word VBA project files to prevent unauthorized access to the file.

VBA is a file extension for Visual Basic used by office suites and several other programs such as MS Word, Excel, and Access. This file also references the Visual Basic source code. It is also a file format used to add functionality to MS Office. This is why most users password protect these files. Since then, there has always been the possibility of forgetting or losing your password. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the fully manual process required to fix this issue. In the meantime, consider the following scenario, excerpted from the forum site.

“I’m joining a new company, and my first task was to reset or delete my VBA Word files. I know a solution to force the password, but not how to remove it. We gave ourselves thousands of chances to get the same solution, but unfortunately, nothing worked. I came here with high hopes to get answers to my questions. Someone, please help me with this activity. Thanks!”

Remove Word Password VBA Code Using the Manual Method

There are several methods that can be used to remove VBA code passwords, namely manual and automatic. Let’s learn the step-by-step process of removing a password from Word VBA.

Solution 1: Remove Password from Word via VBA Code

  • First, open a new Microsoft Word document.
  • Then select Developer << Visual Basic, or press Alt+F11.

  • Click on the “Insert” tab and select the “Module” option from the drop-down list.

select the Module

  • Enter the VBA programming code provided in the module window.

programming code

  • Press F5 to continue, or select Run << Continue.


  • View password-protected Word VBA files, including macros and modules. Press the Open button.

open button

  • It took some time to remove the password from the VBA code. When done, the tool will display the password required to open the Word VBA project.

open the Word VBA project

  • Click OK to close the password popup.
  • With this password, you can now easily access your Word VBA project with a complete programming language.
  • Then select File << Details, << Encrypt with a password.

Encrypt with a password

  • Remove the password from the pop-up window and click OK.

  • Users can now easily open Word VBA projects without a password.

Since the Manual Solution is Free, It has its Limitations

Manual techniques are often not considered the best way to remove VBA passwords from Microsoft Word. This is because manual procedures usually have a number of restrictions that must be adhered to. This includes:

  • The manual process is not only time-consuming but also difficult to understand.
  • Non-technical users may not appear.
  • It takes a lot of time.

Remove Word Password VBA Code Using the Expert Solution

VBA Password Recovery Tool by PCViTA is the ultimate software for removing passwords from Word VBA projects. This is a professional way to remove passwords from Word VBA without losing important information in macros and modules. It is easy software that removes passwords from Microsoft Word projects.

It comes with a user-friendly and interactive user interface that can be easily used by technical and non-technical users. You can download and install it on all the latest Windows operating systems. This app allows you to crack passwords of any length, no matter how many letters, numbers, or special symbols they contain. Sometimes, to make passwords difficult to guess or crack, they are set to different languages. The advanced algorithm of the Tool can also crack these multilingual passwords.

Remove Word Password VBA Code Just in Few Click

  • Download and install the software on your machine.

Download VBA Password Recovery

  • Select Add File or Add Folder to click on the Microsoft Office VBA project file.

Add VBA File

  • Browse and select the VBA project file, then click the Open button.

Select the VBA File

  • Select the reset button, and the tool will display the password.

Click the Reset Button

Prime Features of this Automatic Solution

  • Quick and Simple Solution: This software has unique features for easy file management. Users only need to add encrypted files to the panel and the tool does the rest. Remove passwords by upgrading the software to the professional version.
  • No Additional Permissions are Required: Unlike the manual method, no additional software or code is required to complete the process. This tool is sufficient to decode Word VBA project files in *.docm, *.dotm and other formats.
  • Processing Batches of Files Simultaneously: With the help of two different additional buttons, the device supports multiple files at the same time. Use Add to upload files/folders. However, multiple files/folders can be imported to the software interface.
  • Save the Data Completely: Word files may contain sensitive information. Thus, the tool ensures that the information in the file remains intact during the entire process. Software to open Word files without affecting data in Word VBA projects.
  • Preserve Safe All Modules and Macros: If you’re using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), you should know what you’re doing. Users can create macros to automate actions and data processing modules to create their own goals. This software protects all kinds of modules and macros while removing passwords from VBA projects.

  • Remove all kinds of his VBA keywords: The application is a proven solution to remove all kinds of passwords from VBA projects, modules, and macros. Uppercase: A-Z, Lowercase: a-z, Digits: 0-9, Symbols: ‘a href=”/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”fcddbc ” Full permission to remove [protected email address] /a>#$%&amp;*()_-+=[]|:;”‘&lt;,&gt;.?/, and all

  • Compatible with All Windows Operating Systems: Windows  7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 versions are all compatible with this software. The demo version is easy to download for free. Just install and launch the tool on your machine, and open the VBA file with a password.


In today’s post, we found the question of how to remove word password VBA code. Below is the most efficient way to do this task: It is always recommended to download and apply professional solutions to achieve the desired results. Manual solutions do not guarantee the right result.

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