How To Drive Instagram Traffic To Your Website

As an influencer, generating traffic to your site from Instagram is crucial to increasing affiliate revenue and advertising your own channels.

The problem is that Instagram postings don’t allow you of adding clickable links, making it difficult to steer your followers away from the application.

There are many other methods to increase traffic on Instagram. We’re sharing the top strategies – tested and proven by professional influencers!

How to Drive Traffic From Instagram

There are two primary ways to get traffic to Instagram. Here’s how:

#1: Link in Bio

The link you include in your bio is, in fact, one of the best ways to get traffic to Instagram and is open to everyone!

To take advantage of this opportunity to make the most of this opportunity, it’s best to include a link in your bio tool that permits you to share many hyperlinks from a single, simple-to-use landing page.

Linkin. bio by Later allows you to create an option to click on Instagram’s Instagram feed, along with the possibility of adding multiple buttons that you can customize:

If your followers click on the link you’ve included in your bio you’ll allow them to tap any image or text area and be taken directly to the hyperlinks you’ve put in.

With Linkin. bio with Lite (available for free as well as Starter Plans) you can include an e-mail link to each Linkin.bioimage you upload. It could be your site as well as other social channels including landing pages as well as affiliate products, links -The possibilities are infinite.

The new Standard (available on Growth and Advanced plans) you can include multiple links to each image. If you’ve got your own shop, you can add your products (via Later’s Shopify integration) directly within Your posts!

Are you ready to increase traffic to your site from Instagram? Join Later today and turn the Instagram feed into landing page that you can click!

#2: Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a fantastic method to increase traffic to Instagram.

Influencers (whatever size!) can interact and interact Buy Twitter Followers UK with followers at a personal level . This is crucial to build trust and increase engagement.

Now, with the release of Instagram Stories link sticker for any account, anyone can generate traffic through Stories even if they aren’t following more than 10K people.

Five tried-and-tested methods to get more Instagram traffic

Understanding where you can draw traffic to using Instagram is something, however, maximizing this opportunity is a completely different ballgame.Here’s how five influencers who are professionals have redesigned the Instagram strategy to bring in the most traffic possible:

  1. Maximize Your Link in Bio like Pepa Mack
  2. Design an Instagram Stories highlight that will Click-driving Content such as Carissa Stanton
  3. Inspire curiosity through Instagram Stories like Nitsan Raiter
  4. Write Persuasive Captions for Writing and CTAs such as Isis Breanna
  5. Reels can be used to achieve Viral Like Candace Junee

Traffic-driving Tips #1 Make Your Link the Most Effective in Your Bios, similar to Pepa Mack

Fashion-focused influencer Petra uses the links on her Instagram bio to the maximum with Later’s Linkin. bio tool.

Instead of sharing all her details about her outfit in the captions of her feeds, Petra encourages her audience of more than 1M fans to follow her and buy by clicking here bio link where she is able to make use of clickable affiliate hyperlinks.

Since Petra utilizes Standard features, Petra is able to add multiple links to each Linkin.bioimage she posts. The result is that her followers can shop for her entire appearance.

In addition, she can add all of these hyperlinks at once while she is preparing her posts by using Later’s Instagram scheduling tools, cutting down on time and effort.

TIP: Increase visitors by putting a CTA directly over the hyperlink on your bio.

Do you want to add multiple hyperlinks in the Linkin? bio posts? Switch to the Later’s Growth or Advanced plans today!

Traffic-driving Tip 2: Make the Instagram Stories Highlight to drive click-driving Content similar to Carissa Stanton

Stories might disappear after 24 hours, but with an the right plan, they will continue to be enjoyed for a lifetime!

Enter: Instagram Stories Highlights.

Get a look at food blogger and recipe creator Carissa Stanton’s cookbook and include top traffic-driving stories in your highlight reel.

Through her top posts, Carissa drives eyes to her top recipes , arranging them into clear categories and topicsand letting her viewers quickly discover the information that is relevant to them.

Traffic-driving Tips #3: Create Intrigue By Using Instagram Stories that are similar to Nitsan Raiter

Nitsan Raiter is a great illustration of how influential people can generate hype, announce products, and generate traffic to their accounts through Instagram Stories.

She made use of Instagram Stories as her main marketing tool for her recent photo preset launch. She also shared before and after images and messages of joy from her fans.

Nitsan created interest and excitement by including an ominous countdown sign that her audience could create a reminder of the event.

TIP Utilize questions on the sticker gather names of those who would like you to provide them with an exact link via DM. This can be a nice note and can be a powerful strategy for building a community, particularly in the case of less than 10K followers.

Are you ready to increase traffic via Instagram Stories? Make a plan and schedule your posts using Later!

Traffic-driving Tip #4 Create persuasive captions using clear CTAs such as Isis Breanna

As an influencer Instagram captions can be an ideal way to interact to your audience.

Take Isis Breanna as an example She’s turned the Instagram captions into a powerful story-telling and traffic-driving tool.

Through captions that she uses to talk viewers learn about her entrepreneurial journey with useful marketing advice and tricks.

She seamlessly incorporates CTAs in her captions, inviting her readers to leave a comment, click the link in her bio, and save her post.

TIP Tip: The Instagram captions don’t need to be as long, or as specific as Isis”‘. Just ensure that they contain an easy-to-read CTA that will help bring traffic to your website in your bio.

Want to learn more persuasive caption tips for writing? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Writing Good Instagram Captions.

5th Traffic Driving Tip: Make use of Reels to Increase Viral Reach. Candace Junee

It’s not surprising it’s no surprise that Instagram Reels have become a significant traffic source as they’re also the major growth hack for Instagram currently.

Check out Candace Junee’s videos as an example:

She’s seen significant results from making Reels that socialfollowerspro advertise her services and her courses.

One way she accomplishes this is to add explicit text on-screen and CTAs which

encourage the audience to read the captions and add comments.

She makes use of the Reels captions to get viewers to go to her website (by clicking the link in the bio).

With these five tried-and-tested strategies, you will be able to drive massive traffic to Instagram.

With a well-designed traffic-driving strategy put in place, you’ll be able to boost your

affiliate income and cross-promote your channels well as make the experience more enjoyable for your users.

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