How To Do Care Of Your Lips After Getting Lips Tattoo

Lips tattoos are very popular nowadays. It’s permanent and you can apply it when going to a party or just for daily use. But after doing a lips tattoo, you need to take care of them for two weeks for better results that last longer. So here I am telling you how to care about the first few days of doing a lips tattoo:

1. Do Not Pick Your Lips 

Try not to touch the tattooed area. Your skin will be very sensitive after a lip tattoo, so it’s best to avoid touching it as much as possible.

  • Avoid picking at the tattooed skin

If you’re tempted to pick at your lips because they’re tender and irritated, resist that urge! Picking at your lip tattoo will only make things worse by opening up scabs and causing scarring.

  • Don’t use a Q-tip for cleaning during the healing period:

You should also avoid using cotton swabs or any other kind of medical equipment on your lip tattoos during this time (except if instructed otherwise). Although they may seem like good options for cleaning off excess ink or dead skin cells after getting inked, these methods could irritate new ink if used too aggressively or cause further damage if used incorrectly—which could result in ugly scarring or scaring later down the road. 

Also keep in mind that although alcohol isn’t usually an issue when it comes to tattoo care, this isn’t true when dealing with fresh ink—so don’t apply any sort of rubbing alcohol onto your new tattoo while they’re still healing!

Finally: don’t use soap; don’t use petroleum jelly, and don’t use lotion either! All three are known allergens that could cause allergic reactions like inflammation around newly applied tattoos; so instead opt for an unscented moisturizing lotion instead

2. Avoiding Any Applies On The Lips

Your lips will be swollen for a few days to a week after getting your lips tattooed. During this time, you need to avoid doing anything that may affect the healing process and keep your new tattoo safe from infection.

  • Avoid applying anything on your lips, including makeup and balms of any kind. This includes lipsticks, lip glosses, chapsticks, and other moisturizers/balms.
  • Don’t eat spicy foods or hot food either because these can irritate the tattooed area of ​​your mouth and may cause swelling or blisters in them if it happens too much. Do not eat cold food items because they can make the lips redder than usual during the healing period.  The professionals know how important it is to take care of their clients’ needs while they recover from such procedures.
  • If you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol while having a new tattoo done it could lead to problems with circulation in that area so try not to do either one of these things until after your scars have healed completely (about three months).

    3. Avoid Applying Water

Do not apply water on your lips after tattoo, as the color will start fading. However, you can wash your face with water and avoid drinking from bottles. You should also avoid swimming and taking showers for a few days to prevent the ink from being washed off of your skin. After a few days, you should visit the artist for a lip tattoo touch up to restore the same glow again.

4. Eat and Drink Properly 

As your lips tattoo heals, it’s best to avoid eating or drinking anything that can cause irritation and irritation of the skin. This includes spicy foods, alcohol, and citrus fruits. Eating and drinking properly during this time is important because doing so will keep your lips healthy as they heal.

Avoid high protein foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and beans for at least two weeks after getting a tattoo because these types of food may contribute to swelling in the mouth region.

We recommend you to avoid dairy products until a week after getting your tattoo.  It is so because they can do allergic reactions in some people’s bodies when ingested shortly after receiving their tattoos.

If you do decide on having some type of snack food or beverage before bedtime, make sure it doesn’t contain too much sugar or fat since these things could cause dryness in your mouth region which might lead to an infection down the road if left untreated properly!


You should realize that having your lips tattooed is a long-term commitment. You should not rush the process and ensure you give yourself enough time to recover from the procedure. It will take several days for completely healing your lips. During this time, you need to be gentle with your lips and follow the instructions given by your artist. If you take care of them properly, they will look great for years to come!

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