How to clean the marble floor so that it shines?

Marble is elegant and resistant, but, it is a soft and fragile material that requires special care. Therefore, to clean the marble floor and make it shine, it is important to use the right cleaning products and consider a series of guidelines and recommendations to clean the marble without the risk of damaging it.

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Tips to clean the marble floor

In this post on how to clean each type of floor, we already warned you that marble is a very porous material. Therefore, some cleaning chemicals may have the opposite effect to that desired, producing stains and removing its characteristic shine.

  • So the first step to cleaning your marble floor to a shine is to give up harsh chemicals like bleach. Even if the floor seems very dirty, it is best to use specific products or use neutral soap cleaners for cleaning floors.
  • Something specially designed the specific chemicals for marble cleaning to protect and seal the marble while giving it a shiny and non-slip finish.
  • Do not leave the soil soaked. To achieve the best results in this cleaning, it is necessary to wring the mop insistently to prevent excess water from creating stains on the stone.

How to remove stains on marble floors?

So far cleaning the marble floor is nothing to write home about. In fact, it is a very easy material to maintain. But what about the toughest stains?

It is normal, especially on light floors and with a large influx of people, that the stains are more noticeable than we would like.

Most stains will go away with cleaning with specific chemicals for cleaning marble floors. But if any resist, you can use white vinegar with water and rub over the stain with the help of a cleaning brush. After a few minutes, the normal thing is that the stain has passed to a better life.

Another home remedy to remove stains on marble floors is to use lemon juice. Although in this case, it is very important to pass a damp cloth after rubbing the lemon juice. And even better if we go back to scrubbing regularly. Since the lemon can lead to stains that are very difficult to combat.

How to polish marble floors?

Besides maintaining the marble with a frequent professional cleaning and the most suitable cleaning products, it is possible to shine the marble floor with mechanical polishing.

To polish the marble, we used industrial and professional polishing machines since these take care of the properties of this material while making it shine like the first day.

Another positive aspect of industrial polishing machines is that they allow a large surface area to be covered in a short time. So it is a perfect cleaning solution for large businesses and premises.

This buffing process will need to be done at least once a year to maintain results. Although on floors with a lot of use, it may be necessary to polish every three months, approximately.


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