How to choose the best cleaning company to freshen up your neighborhood community

The cleaning of neighborhood communities is a task of vital importance for the correct coexistence in a community. That is why we must have a cleaning company for community cleaning that is serious, responsible, and has a fair price. The decisions made by the president of the community and the administrator will always be in the sights of the neighbors. It is better not to make mistakes when choosing suppliers. Same thing with the cleaning company for the community of neighbors. 

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Today we want to tell you how to hire a cleaning company for your neighborhood community without making mistakes: 

1. Request several cleaning quotes.

The main thing is to sound out of the market. Check which cleaning companies specialize in cleaning communities, what opinions they have about them, and, why not, ask our acquaintances which company is cleaning their community and how happy they are with it. 

2. Make an appointment.

In order to budget for the cleaning of a community of neighbors, it is necessary to arrange a visit. For us, it is essential to know the spaces to make an estimate as accurate as possible. Study the number of people that will be needed to carry out the cleaning, as well as the materials. 

3. Know your neighbors.

In a community of neighbors, there are people of all styles. Ask them if they have allergies to a specific product. If something bothers them about cleaning or if they have any requests. Transfer all this to the cleaning company in order to please all the tenants and offer a great service. You will mark yourself as president of the community and you will make life easier for your neighbors. 

4. Check that it fulfills its obligations.

It is very important that the cleaning company you select has all the workers registered and that it also has Civil Liability insurance that allows it to respond to any problem.

5. Specifies the services to be performed.

Within the cleaning of communities, there are from the most basic services comprise the cleaning of the portal with sweeping and scrubbing of floors in this area, stairs, landings, and elevators, plus dust cleaning of stair handrails, mailboxes, and periodic cleaning of windows., up to a varied number of services. Each community is a world, so it is necessary to specify the work to be done so that the cleaning company can budget the job correctly. 

6. Inform the neighbors of the process.

It is important that they informed the neighbors of the change process. Describe the benefits of the cleaning company that you choose. If we involve everyone in the decision, we will achieve a better solution. 

Hiring a cleaning company for a community of neighbors is a task that must be carried out considering all the factors.

A cleaning company that does not do its job well in a neighborhood community is a bad image for the entire building. Not only for the people who live in it but also for visitors, families, and others. Of course, if we cannot hire a cleaning company, the neighbors will hold the property administrator and the president of the community responsible.

At SCS Group we have experience in cleaning neighborhood communities, achieving great results and the satisfaction of each of the tenants. If you want to hire a cleaning company to clean your neighborhood community. You can contact our team and an advisor will visit you without obligation and provide you with a budget tailored to your needs. From our company, we guarantee all services in writing, and we always have a customer service department with a specialized advisor to solve any problems that may arise. 


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