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How Occupational Therapy for Kids and Adults is Different?  

Occupational therapy is a kind of treatment that helps people of all age groups with their physical, sensory or even cognitive difficulties. If there are any barriers by birth or by accident that limit a person’s movement, or physical and social needs, occupational therapy helps to improve the recovery process. Occupational therapy is also a valid treatment for patients with mental disabilities or slow cognitive function. Using various exercises and daily activities, they help all patients gradually regain their independence. It thus also benefits their mental health and boosts their self-esteem. The course of action however differs when it comes to treating a kid and adults. In this article, we will go over the differences and how it benefits the age group in much detail.

Occupational therapy always has a holistic approach to a patient’s care. The five major domain an occupational therapist cover are –

        Daily routine activities

        Context (In relation to environmental or personal factors)

        Habitual patterns

        Performance skills (motor skills and social interaction)

        Understanding client factors like body functions, beliefs and values.

Occupational Therapy for Kids

The branch of occupational therapy that deals with children is called as paediatric occupational therapy. If a child is facing difficulties in developing their sensory, gross and fine motor skills, occupational therapy is the best course of action. It also helps children who have signs of intellectual disability or autism to teach them the basics of daily living and make them independent. Child who show signs of developmental delays can benefit from OT activities. Children with muscle weaknesses or behavioural disorders may also need these therapy sessions.

When dealing with children, therapists have a different way of approaching the treatment process. It has to be made fun and interesting rather than giving it a medical treatment feel. occupational therapy for kids thus includes a lot of board games, crafts and audio-visual education. Children are taught about the five senses, identify colours, develop their grip, and enhance of their actions through activities. Therapists not merely carry out these activities but conduct an evaluation to understand the needs and shortcomings of their little patients. No two children are the same, so the course of therapy will also differ accordingly. So, while some children may progress within 4-5 sessions, for others it could be a steady process over months.

Parents can also do their bit by conducting some fun and stimulating activities for their children at home. Occupational therapy for kids is more about using games and crafts in a way to enhance their senses and motor skills.

Occupational Therapy for Adults

The inability to perform basic tasks like eating, walking, and getting dressed can be very frustrating to grow with. And if it is after an accident, adults tend to get more irritated about having to depend on someone all the time. This is where occupational therapy comes into play.

Occupational therapy for adults helps those with injuries or disabilities to cope better within the environment. Those suffering from chronic pain as a result of any illness, post-surgery or an accident can rely on OT as their path of recovery. Through regular exercises and activities that promote motor movement, a patient can improve their skills.

Benefits Of Occupational Therapy

It is also immensely beneficial for elderly adults. Worn-out ligaments, arthritis, and joint pain are some of the common ailments faced by older people, which makes it difficult for them to pick up things, bend down or carry minimum weights. But with OT, muscles can be strengthened, even if not completely, enough to perform the basic tasks. If a person is struggling with poor eyesight, OT visual therapy can help improve their vision.

If someone with a severe head injury is experiencing memory loss, it can help in the recovery process. Various activities like solving puzzles or reading can help improve cognitive skills. Occupational therapists help to improve their quality of life by using simplified activities.

Accidental injuries, unhealed wounds, and nerve damage can cause someone to live with chronic pain. Even slight movements like sitting straight or sleeping on one side can be very pain-inducing. In such cases, OT can help one to adapt in completing their daily tasks. Activities that seem very strenuous are tackled with ease as the therapists help you develop your comfort.

Occupational therapy for adults – middle-aged or elderly is about fulfilling your emotional, physical, environmental, and psychological needs. Depending on the situation of each client, the approach to treatment changes. In several cases, OT can also serve as an alternate and cost-effective method to avoid complex surgeries. If you think you need to take a second opinion on whether or not you need surgery, consult an occupational therapist.

An OTsession cannot be the same for two patients, but it is a tailor-made approach designed as per an individual’s needs and requirements and in which area they seek relief.

The Ultimate Goal of Occupational Therapy

The main focus of occupational therapy is to improve the quality of life for every patient, right from a child suffering from a developmental disorder to an elderly person struggling with age-related mobility issues. From injuries to mental illnesses, occupational therapy enables one to perform everyday tasks and guides a patient to become independent.

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