Grocery Mobile App Development Company – Everything to Know About it

We are living in a digital age where everything is just a click away. When it comes to categories that include on-demand mobile apps, grocery shoppers are a part of it as well. It would be right to say that the emergence of a grocery mobile app development company is a blessing for a lot of people. Why? They love the idea of avoiding long queues in grocery stores.

The user base of on-demand grocery apps is increasing rapidly. Also, they love the idea of putting online requests. Now, before we get into the technical details of a grocery mobile app development company, let us explore the current market size.

  • Did you know? According to CNBC, it is expected that by the year 2025, online grocery sales will increase by 20%.
  • The grocery mobile app usage will increase by 50% in the coming months.

Therefore, if you are in the business of grocery delivery, it’s time to make some strategic changes to reach out to your potential users. As the #1 grocery mobile app development company in India, we can say that the functioning of most grocery delivery apps is simple. These apps are virtual supermarkets, and the users can search for their required items and place an order immediately.

The Different Types of Grocery Shopping Apps

#1 Aggregator Apps

The concept of these apps is to simply list out the grocery stores nearby. The users will get the option to choose the grocery stores listed in the app. Once the cart is ready, they can check out and make payments. When the payment is processed, the user receives the order confirmation. The function of aggregator apps is to connect the user to the grocery store and the store owner manages the delivery.

#2 Marketplace Apps

This sort of app is similar to the aggregator model, but the only difference is, that the marketplace comes with a team of delivery personnel that delivers the ordered items to the address of the customer.

#3 Single Stores Apps

In this app model, the grocery owner gets the app developed for his/her store. The owner is responsible for managing everything, right from maintaining the app, updating the menu list, delivering the order to the customers, and also collecting payments.

#4 Grocery Chain Apps

The concept of grocery chain apps works like Walmart, which offers its own on-demand mobile app solutions. The functioning is like a single store for micro-level operations.
If you are looking for a grocery mobile app development company, know that the purpose of that company is to make the overall process of buying and selling groceries easier and a great experience for the users.

Features of a Grocery Delivery Mobile App

The basic features include a Grocery User Panel that comes with a user profile, browsing products, search products, schedule delivery, order tracking & history, payment options & feedback.
The Super Admin panel includes features like managing customers, shoppers & stores, category management, order management, featured products, marketing tools, refund, sales reports, support inquiry, real-time analytics, and role-based dashboards.

Once the basic features are covered, a grocery mobile app development company will help you with the advanced features.

The advanced features include the following:

#1 Push Notification

This feature works wonders when it comes to increasing user engagement with the app. It’s great for user acquisition and retention. If you are a grocery business owner, it’s crucial for you that your target audience constantly engages with it. Push notifications send alerts to the users on new offers and discounts. However, it’s crucial that the user doesn’t feel disturbed by too many notifications.

#2 GPS Tracking

For a grocery delivery app, the GPS feature is highly critical because it helps the drivers to locate the routes. Also, it helps in updating the real-time information to the users about the order and delivery.

#3 Behaviour Tracking

A grocery mobile app development company will prioritize this feature. The reason is, that with the user behavior tracking feature, the app suggests the users accordingly to visit the app next time. This is time-saving and makes the whole process of grocery shopping a lot easier.

#4 Real-Time Analysis

To stay updated on all the happenings in the app, this feature is crucial. This feature shows the updates through graphs and stats. Thus, it gets easier to plan for the next marketing strategies and offers accordingly to get the attention of the users.

#5 Loyalty Programs

To keep the users engaged with the app, it’s crucial to run loyalty programs from time to time for loyal app customers. For instance, you can offer them festive discounts and gifts once they have reached a certain shopping limit.

#6 Shoppers Tracking

As the top grocery mobile app development company, we can say that you must integrate the GPS feature as discussed above. The shoppers’ tracking feature is useful to track the users when they are close to the grocery store. In this way, you can give promotional offers and discounts that prompt them to visit the grocery store to get the offers.

#7 In-App Calling & Chatting

This feature is used to make in-app calls and chats to the store owner & delivery person, while it also allows the delivery person for calling customers and store owners to call the user and delivery person in case the user needs to mention any specifications on his/her order.

#8 Rating & Review

In this feature, the users can rate and review the app. They can decide on the performance of the app and the grocery store while also checking the ratings and reviews given by others. Users can also rate the delivery person.

In Conclusion

Grocery mobile app development has become the need of an hour especially if you want to cater to a niche audience. As a premium grocery mobile app development company in India, we make sure to craft a hassle-free and seamless grocery shopping app that meets your business requirements. If you are in search of top-notch grocery mobile app development services, get in touch with us today!

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