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Get The Perfect Lash Extensions from a Local Professional

When eyelash extensions initially appeared in the glamour business in the early 2000s, they soon were among the most highly prized cosmetic procedures due to their capability to provide sumptuous lashes. However, as time passed, information concerning the potential issues related to this service became available, and clients received a more rational view of the long-term care needed. Another alternative of lash lift or lash tinting was considered at this point.

If you want to be on the safer side and still long for the voluminous lashes, the options of lash lifting or eyelash tinting by Eyelash Tinting Austin Texas are always on the table to consider. The procedure of lash extension itself is quite costly, costing you hours of your time. But is the perfect pair of semi-permanent lashes worth it?

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are made of silk fibers, mink fur, or synthetic products that look like genuine lash strands. Each addition adheres to the bottom of your original lash hair individually with semi-permanent glue. Based on the desired aesthetic, each eye may acquire somewhere from 60–140 separate strands.

How Long Does Applying Eyelash Extensions Take?

A complete set of lash extensions can take between 90 and 180 minutes to implant. Many competent Lash Stylists can perform the full procedure for a full lash set in a total of 2 hours! Even if you’ll be sleeping for the majority of it, 2 hours is a significant amount of time to cast aside.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Lash Extensions?


  • They provide immediate gratification.
  • Despite the lash growth treatments, which take many weeks to generate results, extensions rapidly enhance eyelashes and can appear magnificent when properly done.
  • Since falsies eliminate the need for mascara, you do not have to think about it crumbling, bleeding, or smudging.


  • The disadvantage is that they are an expensive hobby. For your initial set of eyelashes, you should expect to pay anywhere between $120 and $300.
  • They are a lot of work. A full new set of eyelashes might take somewhere between 90 to 180 minutes to apply.
  • You should also take care of your falsies among fillings and limit scratching or twisting your lashes. They can cause lash loss and other issues.

An Alternative: Lash Lift

A lash lift is similar to an updo for your lashes. A lash lift, as compared to a lash extension, simply improves the color and texture of your lashes. Most people’s eyelashes grow outward instead of up. However, the upturn lash lift provides a more appealing look.

Don’t Be Reluctant to Look for the Best Lash Artist

Finding the right artist for yourself will take a little time upfront. But once you’ve located a certain artist, the investment will be well paid. You will be pleased with your eyelashes, and you now have a professional that you can rely on to provide excellent results. Every single lash is boosted and lifted before being tinted for fuller, richer, longer lashes at Lash Lift Austin.

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