Expert Tips For Effective Festival Waste Management

Although it is perhaps an unintentionally appealing aspect of planning events, Waste management isn’t to be neglected. Where people are in the process, waste is bound to be a part. Naturally, there are all kinds of man-made garbage: recycling, garbage, food waste leftovers, and the various other organic waste humans create.

From trash bins to portapotties, The event you are planning must be prepared for waste management. Otherwise, your venue could be a slum within a matter of hours.

Making a plan for managing waste before the event will ensure that the event doesn’t end up as a sad, rotting mess. This also makes the cleanup after your event a breeze.

You can hire skip to manage your waste in your city, just Google, e.g. cheap skip hire Burnage Manchester.

Below are the expert tips that help you manage your festival waste:

Outline Waste Materials That Can Be Recycled and Disposal

Before you begin your festival, it is essential to ensure that both you and the organization are clear on what kinds of waste can be to be expected and if they are recyclable:

  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Aluminium

Are all of these materials recyclable? Drink cans made of aluminium and foil wraps certainly are; however, what about straws, plastics, cling film, and bags made of plastic?

It is possible to encourage festival attendees to eliminate plastic coffee cups simply by not offering cups! It is best to make it explicit when purchasing tickets that you’re expecting ticket holders to bring a reusable coffee cup to drink their coffee. Recycling straws made of cardboard are a great alternative to plastic straws, as they can be reused in tote bags as an alternative to plastic bags for carrying.

Once you’ve defined the major items of waste that can be recycled, it’s time to install recycling stations around the festival site. Our services are available to the Hospitality and Events sector, including hotels, pubs, festivals, and other outdoor events. We also have services like recycling commodities and general garbage collection.

Make a Team of Trash Pickers

During your business, there are probably the necessary team members to go through the days of festival waste management. Professionals with training are essential to combat the excessive waste generated by festivals since they can instruct volunteer litter pickers and educate them on what types of garbage should be disposed of in which areas.

The opportunity to gain free entry to a festival is a fantastic incentive to reward volunteers. Maybe offer them weekend passes to reward their efforts to clean up litter? An enforced rota system will ensure that all volunteers receive their due share of time away from managing festival waste and can relax, have fun and socialize.

Instruct Guests To Dispose of Waste From the Festival

When you have brightly-coloured easily-to-see waste areas throughout your facility, there is a chance that some visitors will note. Label every bin to sort the waste efficiently, and provide examples of what types each bin will include. This will assist your company in achieving effective festival waste management.

Not everyone is familiar with the various waste streams. However, it will go an extensive way to educate people on the proper ways to dispose of waste while having fun.

Plan for the Future

The earlier you assess your event’s waste management requirements, the more efficient it will be. Contact local companies for event waste management, like Local Environmental in Edmonton, Regina, and Whitecourt, and see what they can provide.

Ideally, your city or town is a one-stop shop that can help you manage waste for your celebration. For example, Local Environmental offers Temporary Fencing, Portable Toilets/Porta Potties, and Bin Rentals.

A waste management firm experienced in large-scale event planning can be a lifesaver. It will take the worry out of waste management for special occasions.

Try To Create the Goal of a Zero-Waste Event

Are you looking to turn your event into one that’s zero waste? Making sure you have zero waste at your event means reusing and recycling each piece of trash produced. It’s a huge portion of a company’s corporate social responsibility and could result in cost savings when done properly.

There are many ways to plan to eliminate waste, like procurement and goal setting. A basic understanding of the amount of waste generated can be a start in the proper direction.

All of this could be covered in a reputable event waste management strategy. A plan before the event will ensure that your employees are in the same boat and your company can improve its environmental reputation by implementing the most efficient waste management for your festival.

Experienced in managing big festivals, such as The Reading & Leeds festival and Truckfest, Biffa works with you on a level of strategic planning to minimize waste at the source, boost recycling and optimize your services to meet environmental goals in support of your event. If we’re lucky, we might even bring the Wastewater.

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