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eUKhost Web Hosting Review

Review of eUKhost: SEO Pros and Cons to Take into Account

This post is for you if you’re looking for eUKhost reviews and want to use this hosting service to properly optimize your website for search engines. We shall conduct a thorough evaluation of eUKhost and outline all crucial aspects.

For a complete assessment of the eUKhost ranking for hosting services, you will learn about benefits, drawbacks, pricing, and other specifics.

A web hosting service with more than 18 years of experience is called eUKhost hosting. Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 certifications are present for this hosting. Over 35 000 organization’s are hosted by eUKhost globally.

eUKhost Pros & Cons

We have listed eUKhost’s primary benefits and drawbacks in the table below. Let’s examine them more closely.


  • Rapidity of page loading With eUKhost, a page loads on average in 1.1 seconds.
  • High reliability for uptime. The average uptime for eUKhost is 99.9%, which is a very good metric.
  • Simple to use dashboard. The dashboard’s user interface is clear. From the dashboard, you can also manage your subscription and view your support tickets.
  • Inexpensive hosting packages. There are numerous other plans; we’ll go into more depth about them below.
  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days. You can get your money back if hosting doesn’t live up to your expectations inside the month.
  • Professional assistance is available 24/7/365. You always have access to quick technical support.


  • Restricted basic plan For instance, the 2 GB of SSD storage included on the cPanel basic plan is insufficient for the majority of websites.
  • The price wasn’t the best. Compared to rivals, eUKhost offers less services in its base plans.

Use eUKhost When:

If the majority of your traffic will originate from the UK, eUKhost is unquestionably a wise pick. You will have a very quick server response time as a result of the server’s location. Because of the user-friendly dashboard, this is a wonderful option for beginners. A free domain, a free backup, and a 30-day money-back guarantee are all included. The cost of the basic package is also fair. Small and medium enterprises will do well with eUKhost.

eUKhost: When Not to Use It

As you can see, there aren’t many drawbacks to this hosting. If your primary traffic will originate from locations far from the UK, you shouldn’t choose eUKhost because you could not have the quickest server response time. Pay close attention to the plan and cost as well. The basic plan may be a decent choice if all you want to do is launch a simple personal blog. However, the basic plan includes few capabilities for large websites.

eUKhost Efficiency

Performance is one of the most crucial characteristics for a hosting company. Your website will be hosted with eUKhost on fast servers located in the UK. The GTmetrix test indicates that the loading time is typically 1.1 seconds.

Performance will be greater the closer your traffic source is to the United Kingdom. For instance, the UK’s server response time is merely 4 ms, the USA’s is between 1 and 3 ms, Japan’s is 3 ms, Singapore’s is 3 ms, and Canada’s is the longest at 9 ms.

The performance is also influenced by the strategy you select. Consequently, consider the plans and pricing if you want to be certain of the excellent performance.

eUKhost Speed Test Results

On the market, eUKhost has a competitive speed. The UK and the USA have the fastest speeds, as we have mentioned. Therefore, eUKhost will be a perfect choice if the majority of your traffic originates from these nations. SDD, which is substantially faster than HDD, is used in place of HDD in all of this hosting’s plans.

How can I switch my hosting company to eUKhost?

You might conclude after reading that eUKhost is superior to your present hosting. It’s not too difficult to change service providers, especially if you don’t have many websites. You should decide on the hosting package and kind. Either in our article or on the eUKhost website, you can do it. You can access the eUKhost dashboard after purchasing the relevant plan

You now need to archive your website from the old hosting company’s dashboard, transfer the archive to the eUKhost dashboard, and then unarchive the archived files. Make certain you have all the required backups. It’s best to contact customer service for assistance with migration if you’re a beginner.

Types, Features, and Costs of eUKhost

Different hosting plans and types are offered by eUKhost. Almost any demand and spending limit can be accommodated by a plan. There are packages available for shared (cPanel), WordPress, VPS, and reseller hosting. For your company, e-UKhost also offers dedicated and cloud servers.

Public Hosting

Shared hosting is referred to as hosting at e-UKhost. This kind of hosting concept involves sharing servers with other clients. The primary benefit is cost since this is each hosting provider’s most economical plan.

Limited features are shared hosting’s biggest drawback. And if some of your “neighbours” take longer to load, your performance may suffer. However, in most situations, hosting companies keep track of such incidents and create unique plans for such clients.

The three cPanel hosting plans offered by e-UKhost are Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The monthly costs are £2.95, £4.38, and £5.81. The smallest plan comes with a 2 GB SSD and ten MySQL databases, while the largest one offers 20 GB of storage and an infinite number of MySQL databases. The other features are pretty similar between the two plans.

Hosting for WordPress

The Starter plan is appropriate for new businesses or individuals, the Standard is appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses, and the Pro Server is appropriate for large businesses with numerous websites.

Provider Hosting

Reseller hosting entails not using resources that you have purchased and instead selling them to other people. Developers or new hosting firms frequently use this option.

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Best web hosting for small businesses that is launching a new website needs web hosting as a basic component. It makes it possible for your site to become live. The choice of a web host may seem obvious, but finding the best service provider might be difficult. When you have so many possibilities, how can you know which one to pick? It is understandable that the identical features, prices, and industry lingo can be perplexing. The top website hosting choices for small businesses are listed below. By doing so, you can eliminate choice uncertainty.

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