Earn more profits with Gojek Clone App Development in 2022

Gojek Clone is the most amazing app that lets its owner rake millions in profits. How? Well, its two most profit-centric business models make it the best money-earning platform. Therefore, in this blog, we will explore more about the business models that the entrepreneur can choose to integrate into the app in addition to one method with which some extra hard cash can flow in. 

Let’s begin for instance!  


 Here are the two most amazing business models you’d have ever seen. However, the entrepreneur can only select one of these as their foundation. 


In this business model, the service providers are legally bound to pay a commission on every service that they render via Gojek Clone. This commission is a certain percentage of the income that the provider earns by accepting and completing the services on the app. However, Smart entrepreneurs, let me tell you that you are the sole decision-makers of what market-relevant commission rates you want to charge from the 70+ service categories. 

Commission rates can be set differently for various service genres such as taxi drivers, car washers, beauticians, parcel delivery, etc. In this manner, the entrepreneur can earn higher from the genres that are mostly employed by the customers.

In other words, if the service providers are getting paid in cash for a service, then, they will separately transfer the commission amount to the app owner’s bank account. If the provider receives online payments, the money from the customer’s account will directly go to the app owner. There the commission will be deduct and the remaining money will be transferred to the provider’s account!

This is how commission-per-service works in Gojek Clone.

Subscription Plans 

It is here in this lucrative business model that the provider first has to purchase one of the many subscription plans curated by the app owner. After the provider has made the purchase, they can start receiving the service requests from the customers. 

Again, For these subscription plans are designed by the entrepreneur itself. Therefore, they can charge a relevant amount of money from the service providers. These plans are time validated, which means, the providers can choose weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annual. 

So, whenever the plans are about to expire, the app owner sends in-app notifications to the Gojek Clone user’s apps reminding the service providers to renew their plans.


As said, we’ll discuss that one way to earn extra cash. The entrepreneurs can earn more than profits by renting out some space on their app’s home screen to third parties. These third parties who want to showcase their ads on your app will have to pay a certain amount for certain days to the entrepreneur who’ll run their ads. 


Do you want to build an app that’s similar to the original Gojek App? If yes, then opt for a pre-built, highly optimized, and fully functioning Gojek Clone App. Also, This clone app will have the most distinguished features that work in line to offer seamless services to customers. 

What’s more? You can start raking in profits right from the first day of your app launch! 

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