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Documents required for Trademark Renewal in India

Do you know that trademark rights do not last forever? Trademark registration, even though an amazing concept, is a process designed to test you. Therefore, after you have enjoyed that rights come with exclusive ownership of your brand for 10 years, you must go through trademark renewal.

The process is a simple one. However, you cannot say the same about the documents.

And here are the reasons.

Reasons behind that dynamic nature of trademark renewal documents

The trademark laws have been going through changes. As a result, the nature of documents are in flux as well. It has created deeper issues for the renewal procedure:

  1. People don’t pay attention to their brand after registering: Most people, not all, sit back and relax after getting the trademark registration certificate – paying no heed to those who might steal the trademark. And because people refuse to pay attention, the Registrar has to ask for additional documents. Read More: Insurance Marketing Firm
  2. The procedure to pay the license is online: When you need online application filing, you need scanned copies of the documents – but that’s the traditional story. With trademark renewal, you need more than that. Not only your documents must not have any smudges, but they also must show the latest state of your brand.
  3. Many delay trademark application filing: There are many who delay the process of trademark renewal. And when they are applying for renewal within the six-month window after the expiration, their chances of getting the renewal gets lower.

Because of these factors, you need more than just trademark registration number to  successfully renew your trademark.

Documents required for Trademark Renewal in India

Following are the documents you need for trademark renewal in India:

  1. An Authorization letter: If you think you can renew your trademark on your own, think again. You need the intervention of an expert to do this job. However, to involve a professional, you need to authorize them first by drafting a power of attorney.
  2. Duly filled trademark application form: Many think that only a single information needs to be entered in the trademark renewal application. And because the process is online, those people don’t even bother with checking the details. Read More: Nidhi Company Registration
  3. Trademark renewal process fails due to this negligence. Therefore, check and then, recheck the application form before submission.

What are the issues that you are most likely to face during the renewal process

Even after submitting these documents, the issues that you are likely to face during the trademark renewal process is as follows:

  1. The renewal process won’t succeed if you have not used your trademark even once.
  2. Even during the renewal process, your brand goes through the publication process. Do you know what that means? The Registrar primes your trademark for failure due to opposition.

To bypass all of these issues, you need the aid of consultants. And that’s where the trademark experts come in.

The trademark experts understand the procedure of renewal of trademark in India, and not in a traditional sense. They know what happens in the background after you submit your trademark application. And therefore, you need the hand of these aspects to aid you in your application filing endeavours.  Read More: Dealer Possession License

In this blog, we have listed the documents that you need to renew your trademark in India. Go through it diligently to understand the need for experts.

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