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Cricket Accessories Online – 10 essential must-haves and where to buy them on a budget

Cricket is a fast-paced sport that requires you to have the best equipment. The sport is play in different countries around the world, and it holds an important place as a national game. If you’re looking for something that will help you improve your skills as well as make your game more enjoyable and safe, then cricket accessories are an important part of your kit. Here we’ll look at some of the essential items that every cricketer needs:

Cricket ball

The cricket ball is used to play the game of cricket. It has a circumference of 22 inches and is cover with red or white leather (depending on your preference). The core of the cricket ball consists of rubber and cork, while its cover made from leather.

Cricket bat

The cricket bat is the most important piece of equipment in a cricket player’s kit. It’s what you use when you are batting, bowling and fielding. You need to make sure that it fits comfortably, without any discomfort or pain when swinging your right arm over your head while running between wickets during a match.

The best way to choose a cricket bat is by looking at its weight distribution – if it feels light on one end (the bottom) then there will be too much “lifting” involve when batting; whereas if it feels heavy on one side then there will be less chance of getting out due to fatigue caused by carrying around extra weight during play sessions!

There are many different types available including wood core bats made from ash wood or maple wood but remember that these aren’t always ideal depending on where you live so look into purchasing carbon fiber composite bats instead which offer better durability over time than wooden ones do because they don’t absorb moisture like wooden ones do making them less likely break under stress conditions such as raindrops hitting them directly when playing outdoors during summer months.”

Cricket Helmet

Cricket helmets are the most important piece of cricket equipment. They should be wear at all times on the field and have a snug fit, so that they don’t move or fall off. Helmets must also be comfortable for long periods of time so that players can stand up in them without discomfort.

Wear your helmet properly by making sure that it fits properly and is never too loose or tight around your head. If you find yourself adjusting it frequently because it feels uncomfortable, you can try using some tape over any buckles or straps to make sure they stay put while playing cricket.

Cricket Shoes

Cricket shoes are essential for the safety of the player. They should be light, comfortable and have a good grip. There are many brands available in the market. You can buy them online or from a local store.

  • Nike cricket shoes: Nike is one of the best brands when it comes to cricket shoes. Their products are comfortable and have excellent grip so that you don’t slip on the ground while playing cricket games with your friends or family members at home during weekends or holidays!
  • Adidas cricket shoes: Another popular brand among players who love playing outdoor sports like baseball, basketball, etc., Adidas makes some great products too that fit well with tight pants as well as shorts so we recommend trying some out if they aren’t already part of your wardrobe collection (which they shouldn’t be)!

Leg guards and thigh pads

Leg guards and thigh pads are the most important accessories you should have when playing cricket. They help protect your legs from getting injure while playing cricket.

Leg guards made of plastic or rubber and they cover the whole leg below the knee cap, with some having extra padding to protect your shin bone. Thigh pads are design to protect only one side of your upper thigh area, so it’s important that you choose both a right and left pair before purchasing them.

There may be different sizes available depending on what size of cricket bat you use; if you’re unsure, ask someone at your local sporting goods store which size would be best for you! The main thing is finding something that fits comfortably without causing any irritation when moving around after wearing it all day long (which can lead quickly get painful).

Abdominal guard and box

The role of abdominal guard and box

Your abdominal muscles are most likely not very well developed, which can make it difficult to protect them from injury. The “box” is a device that sits on your stomach, protecting the area between your ribs and hips while you play. It also helps reduce the risk of spinal injuries by keeping players’ heads up when they’re batting or bowling.

How to buy a good abdominal guard and box

A good quality abdominal guard should be made out of neoprene (or similar material), with an open-back design so that it doesn’t restrict breathing while playing cricket. They usually come in one basic size but this may not be ideal for everyone; if you have wide shoulders or large thighs then another option would be find something more adjustable like a pair of boxing gloves with Velcro straps around each wrist.

Gloves and inner gloves

The inner glove is an important part of any cricket equipment, and it should be light and comfortable. It should also be of good quality, made from leather or synthetic materials that won’t tear easily if you need to make a quick change in the middle of your game.

The inner glove should fit well on your hand so that you can get as much grip on the bat as possible without having any rubbing or discomfort in your palm area. If the fit isn’t right for you, then consider getting a new pair!

Pads for knee and elbow

Knee pads and elbow pads are important for protection. They should be worn at all times, including in the field and when you’re not playing, to prevent injury.

Knee pads should be comfortable and easy to put on. If you find that your knee pads are uncomfortable or difficult to put on, you will avoid using them as much as possible which is good for your health!

Elbow pads should also provide adequate protection from injury by covering most areas of the upper arm (including biceps), wrist area and forearm joints where they intersect with other bones such as humerus or ulna respectively.


Cricket accessories are an important part of any player’s equipment and should always be properly maintained. Often, it is the little things that make the biggest difference. For example, if you are a right-handed batsman who wears your glove on your left hand (and vice versa), consider buying two pairs of gloves so that you can alternate which one goes on first each day. Likewise, if your helmet has started to show wear in places where it wasn’t before then consider replacing it with another one from the same brand or model!

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