Cleaning companies: how to save and get a quality service

Hiring a commercial cleaning company can greatly benefit a business and without incurring a great expense. Find out how!

Companies are work centers with a lot of movement of different people, both workers, and customers, with common areas that favor unfavorable hygienic conditions in the facilities. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can greatly benefit a business without incurring a great expense. Find out how!

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Cleaning companies: all the advantages

The cleaning of companies is a very important factor in the business’s development for several reasons. It benefits the business in several ways. Companies are workplaces. The people who go there daily do so to carry out certain tasks and thus be able to meet the strategic objectives that the company has set. A good cleaning of the company’s facilities makes the environment pleasant and we focus all efforts on getting the job done, while a professional cleaning company takes care of the rest.

The image of the company: what society has of a company and the values it defends from its image. The more positive this is, the greater the earning capacity you will have. Here, the cleaning of companies has a significant impact on the image that is projected abroad.

Increased staff productivity: when work is carried out in a clean environment and with tidy rooms, workers perform tasks more efficiently. The cleanliness of companies and the correct organization of the spaces are factors that are reflected in the productivity of each individual, as they are comfortable with the conditions of the facilities and do not have any type of inconvenience.

In this sense, we can say that this business cleaning company is a determining factor that influences the future of the business. Let’s see the reasons:


Occupational accidents in the company decrease: we are referring to accidents derived from cleaning tasks, such as slips or falls, which are the ones that most occur in companies. A good company cleaning procedure is to keep the facilities tidy and clear to facilitate the movement of personnel and show certain situations if necessary, such as wet floor signage, to make workers aware that they should take extreme precautions in that area.

 The hygiene conditions of the company: we relate them to the healthiness of the work environment. Each worker must receive information on hygiene and health issues in the work environment in order to preserve the hypothetical health risks that the position they hold and the work environment may generate. If the facilities do not have a clean and properly conditioned environment, the staff can be affected.

The reduction of work absenteeism is a fact: companies that have a correct cleaning of their company are providing their workers with optimal hygiene conditions and a work environment free of microorganisms that cause diseases and discomfort thanks to the cleaning procedures of professional companies.

Professional Cleaning Company: how to save by comparing budgets

The fundamental step to saving on cleaning companies is to opt for the best budget. It is advisable to request a minimum of three budgets to compare the prices set in relation to the tasks that they contemplate and the services that are included for the cleaning of the company. People think, normally, that the best budget is the one with the lowest cost. This is not the case. It is advisable to read the items included carefully to avoid surprises, and that what is cheap does not turn out to be expensive.

 A quote is the first contact with a company, so it is worth reviewing it thoroughly to get an idea of what it is like and the way it works. 

  • Budget presentation: the budget presentation structure already says a lot about a company and what it can expect from it. At a glance, a lot of valuable information can be extracted by looking at the presentation of the document, it’s the wording, the correct division by headings, the clarity of the text, and the absence of small letters.
  • Tasks included in the budget: it is the core of the budget. We must explain clearly this item so as not to lead to misunderstandings and to accurately know the company cleaning action that is being budgeted.
  • Human team: we assumed that the education and training of the people who make up the staff are correct, although this is something that cannot be appreciated in a budget. What the document must include is the number of workers who will carry out the cleaning tasks in the company to know the prices. The fact of believing that because two people work, the budget will be more expensive can lead to confusion. It does not have to be this way, since when two people work, the time to complete the tasks will be less.

The main aspects to consider in a budget for cleaning companies are:

  • Machinery: the tools or machinery to be used for cleaning the company’s facilities must be included in the budget. The most advanced and innovative tools provide better results in less time, so it is a precious item in the configuration of a budget.
  • Guarantees: the company must ensure the quality of the service provided by offering satisfaction guarantees in cleaning companies. That there is the figure of an activity supervisor is an extra that is highly valued. This shows that the company cares about the work carried out and about meeting the quality standards that they have set.
  • Customer service. The existence of this department within the dedication of the company to cleaning companies generates trust. The client knows he can count on the company at all times since we offer fluid communication to solve doubts or setbacks and this generates confidence and security.


The fact of comparing budgets allows you to save on cleaning companies.

With the analysis of these documents, as we have already said, we contemplate all the tasks that are included and other complementary aspects of the activity. In this way, you can choose the budget that best suits the needs of the company without having to face expenses that are unnecessary. For example, if a budget contemplates a solid waste collection item three times a week, but the company considers that it is excessive because not so much generated waste because of the small size of the workforce. Here, you can ask the company specialized in cleaning companies to adjust this item based on the real needs that arise in the office.


In reality, this issue would already have to be assessed by the cleaning company since the first thing that a good company should do to budget the activity is to know the characteristics of the company and visit its facilities. In this way, the budget will be as real as possible.

 General procedures in cleaning companies

Each company is a world. Factors such as the size of the facilities, the organization of the space, or the number of people who work there determine aspects of the cleaning of companies, such as periodicity and procedures. A company with all its open space that allows the introduction of support machinery is not the same as one with many small dependencies or columns that make cleaning a more tedious task.

By using a professional cleaning company, we already ensure that we are dealing with professionals who know what they are up to. The services they provide comply with certain cleaning procedures that are achieving the best results. We optimized the techniques they used to save time while providing exceptional quality of service.

The tasks that make up the company cleaning procedures must include various actions. This guide also helps us to assess whether the professional company is carrying out its activity under quality criteria.

  • Waste removal. The removal of waste generated in the company must be one of the first steps to follow in cleaning companies. To avoid possible sources of odor from the company’s facilities.
  • Ventilation of rooms: it is an action that makes a lot of difference. Going from a rarefied and stuffy environment to a fresh and clean one. Already a long time ago, even if the cleaning procedure has not yet started.
  • Cleaning of the different elements: Cleaning of dust on all surfaces with the materials and products. From time to time you should clean the walls, door frames, moldings… These are elements that do not need cleaning in every session. 
  • Equipment: elements such as telephones, keyboards, or other technologies need proper disinfection to eliminate bacteria from surfaces. In this sense, strategic places such as railings and door handle.
  • Company glass: it’s not just about cleaning the glass of the windows of the facilities. Mirrors and other possible glass, including screens.
  • Delicate rooms: Delicate because of the importance of proper cleaning. The bathrooms and kitchens, in case the company had them. They are boiling areas because of the ease of proliferation of sources of infection. They need treatment with suitable products to ensure their correct sanitization and avoid health problems derived from incorrect cleaning.

Other factors to consider when cleaning companies

That work facilities are orderly and tidy also provides a source of savings. When the organization of the space allows knowing the placement of things or materials. We can avoid distractions or forgetfulness that are nothing more than a waste of work time. By searching less for the item, the concentration remains at the same level and we can reduce errors 

This organization of the space makes the cleaning of the company more efficient from the point of view. The cleaning professional will spend less time without having to move elements of the offices. The result will be better.


We specialize in the cleaning products used for each type of task. Professional business cleaning companies buy large quantities of products and consumables. They have room to get discounts from their suppliers and can pass them on to their customers.

The number of products used in cleaning companies where disinfection is so important is relevant data. Companies are places that many people occupy where bacteria or germs roam freely. Disinfection of the environment is essential to avoid greater evils.

The mere fact of having a cleaning company already saves costs. From what we have previously said, clean and healthy environments make the staff feel good about their jobs. Both mentally and physically, this impacts the performance of their work performance. Increasing productivity, which is allowing the company to function better and increase its ability to earn profits. In conclusion, we can say that hiring a cleaning company is an investment.



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