Binge On! Top Kids-Friendly Movies for the Summer Break

With the summer break upon us, the upcoming summer months are all about beach fun, late-night movie marathons, family brunches, and bingeing on TV seasons without a break!

These few months are a great way for the family to get together and create new memories ahead! What’s more, movies are a great way for families to not only spend some quality time together but to learn and educate in a fun and playful manner.

Before you ready your popcorn bowls for a full movie fest to stream some terrific favorites this summer on the extensive TDS channel lineup, it is always important to know how a well-planned movie session can be beneficial for your family:

Why Do You Need to Have Proper Movie Sessions with Your Kids?

Here are our top reasons for you!

Don’t Watch a Flick that You Don’t Want to Watch with the Kids

The media has conditioned us to believe that kiddy movies are usually brainless and involve no sense of art or intellect.

This is truly wrong.

Most kid-friendly content is surprisingly thought-provoking while balancing it neatly with the child factor. Maybe in the past, let us say some twenty-thirty years ago, children’s movies could have been slightly lowbrow but all video content that’s created/produced specifically for children today is nothing less than extraordinary.

For it teaches, entertains, and enlightens young minds of today, whose razor-sharp minds need the right guidance. However, there are times when you don’t want to sit through Frozen or Toy Story for the fiftieth time or more.

In that case, if you have already watched the movie once, twice, or even thrice, then it’s a safe bet to let the kids watch the respective movie on their own.

Use Movies as an Educational Art Form to Refresh and Challenge Young Minds

Once upon a time, TV and movies were called mindless because they were thought to have no real use to the target audience. However, that perspective has flipped over the years and the media industry is no longer deemed ‘useless’ or ‘worthless’ for that matter.

That’s why when you have young kids at home, it is always important to watch content that comes with both an entertainment and informative value. Not only is this a great way to spend time with young kids but a passive form of entertainment such as TV or movies can also help act as a bridge between you and your young kids. nowadays, new wave cable TV is most popular in usa to watch TV or movies

This analytical engagement with various media outlets also helps with critical processes in children from a young age. After all, parents are a young child’s first role model, so it is better to make choices that will help shape up into better citizens and human beings.

Understand and Learn the Technical Aspect of the Movie-Making Craft

Movie making is a beautiful craft that rightly deserves accolades as other art forms do. Don’t just tune into an HD movie channel and make your kids watch a movie for some two and half hours.

Research the movie and find out fun facts about it if you can. For instance, 2004’s The Polar Express saw Tom Hanks play several characters in one movie only. Learn about the movie as much as you can. And share interesting titbits during the movie.

Always teach by example. If you are watching a movie for the first time, remain quiet throughout the movie so that your young kids can learn to watch an hour-long or more length-feature film with patience, silence, and concentration.

On the other hand, if you have already seen the movie a few times, then sharing interesting facts about the movie or the technical aspects of the respective craft will simply help your child understand the video content more.

New wave cable TV is most popular in the USA for watching TV or movies. The main reason for this is because it offers a lot of benefits that other methods cannot offer.

Ready to Binge-On?

Top Kids-Friendly Movies that You Don’t Want to Miss Out!

We listed some of our summer break favorites just for you!

 Finding Nemo

Released in 2003, Finding Nemo is a computer-animated fantasy adventure about a clownfish father-son duo, named Marlin and Nemo. Like any overprotective parent, Marlin doesn’t want Nemo swimming too close to the ocean surface. And atypical of any youngster, Nemo wants to be independent and explore the ocean on his own!

However, in his over-excitement, Nemo swims too close to the surface, where he is among the school of fish caught to transport further, across the Australian continent. Horrified beyond his mind, Marlin must defeat his fears to retrieve his son and save him from a horrible fate at the hands of the humans.

As the father-son fight against the tide to be reunited again, the various ocean animals decide to pitch in their help and assistance. This movie is full of love and aims to teach and understand sentiments and viewpoints often underestimated – those of a parent and a son to each other!


Released in 2007, Ratatouille is another animated feature film that teaches one of the most important lessons of life: if you want to learn something, then you do not need to wait for it or even be human to learn it.

You can be someone as low as a rat but if you have the willpower to learn, you can learn anything, even if it involves skills as surprising as haute cuisine. Apparently, this is the motto of the French Chef, Auguste Gusteau in his new book, which clearly states that anybody can cook.

And even Chef Gusteau would never have imagined that a rat would ever dream of becoming a top chef in the City of Lights, Paris. But that’s exactly what happens, for when there is a will, there is a way. A hilarious take on a profession that’s considered snooty for its high-end value in France and all over the world. Watch the movie if you root for the underdog, are a foodie, and dream of taking your family to Paris!

If you haven’t had a chance to view this movie yet, this is one Pixar animation that will surely take you by surprise!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Released in 2004, this fantasy adventure is the third installment in the HP series. And opens with the mystery of Sirius Black: who is he?

And, soon after: why is he after Harry Potter?

Since Black is the first wizard to escape the wizard prison, i.e. Azkaban. The wizarding world fears that Lord Voldemort might be trying to resurrect himself with the help of his faithful servant. However, that is the least frightening part.

The worrying part for Harry is his friendship with Ron and Hermione since it seems to be on the cusp of something new! Not to mention the depression of not going to Hogsmeade. But the worst part in this entire scenario is the embarrassment he has to face every time he comes face to face with the Dementors and faints as if he hasn’t come face to face with the world’s most feared dark wizard, Lord Voldemort.

What’s more, Cuaron’s portrayal of Hogwarts is idyllic, even if slightly on the dismal side as it let goes of the idealistic innocence of the earlier two HP films.

One spectacular watch, especially if you have teens under your wing, they will relate with the Hogwarts Most Wanted trio!

Wrapping Up

 Your kids will always take after you, so it is better to fill them up with positive messages and role models. Take simple favorites and reveal the many layers so that your child can see the intricate art, i.e, movie-making. While film appreciation will take some time to run deep, pick easier examples, to begin with.

Once, you set a rhythm, you are good to go!

However, your movie fun can be spoiled especially if your current service is full of glitches. We suggest trying a new plan or simply switching to a new service if your movie streaming experience is plagued with nothing but hiccups and constant buffering.

Hurry now so that you can get some of the best deals in town!

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