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Art books for kids: How to choose the right ones and Youtube’s role


Art books are an important part of every child’s early years because they help develop an interest in art, reading and learning. They also inspire creativity and imagination and can help kids learn to enjoy life through arts and crafts. Luckily, with so many different types of art books available, you don’t have to spend hours combing the bookstore shelves trying to find the right ones. Instead, you can take your child with you when shopping and let him choose the books he likes best. Here are some tips to make this process easier and more fun for both of you.

Art Books For Kids

Children are born artists. Art is a core part of their development, but sometimes they aren’t always encouraged to pursue their interests in art when they are young. Whether your children have expressed an interest in art or you just want them exposed to artistic pursuits, there are plenty of activities that help cultivate an appreciation for fine arts as early as infancy.  

Telling Your Child About Vincent Van Gogh

One of our favorite ways to expose kids to art is through children’s picture books. And not just any old children’s picture book, but a colorful one with pop-up pages, textures, or smells! If you know someone who appreciates beautiful art or has a little Van Gogh fan in their life, here are some kid-friendly titles that we love.


When I was a kid, if I wanted to learn about a particular art style, movement or artist, I either had to do some research in a library or speak with my parents. But today’s generation of young people is growing up on YouTube; they have access to endless amounts of information through channels such as Art Mindfulness and Creativity. This also means they can watch artists like Salvador Dali create their paintings before their very eyes, turning what would otherwise be something abstract into an actual process.

The Hidden Values in Children’s Books

You don’t need an art degree or formal training in art history to appreciate children’s books. Whether you are a parent or teacher, there are some subtle messages about art that you can use at home. Knowing these values will help you decide which book is appropriate for your child or student. You might even discover an amazing piece of artwork that inspires you! Use these 5 tips below as a guideline when shopping for children’s books about art.

Taking Advantage of Free Resources

Take advantage of educational online tools, such as Khan Academy’s YouTube Channel. In addition to videos about specific topics in art history, you can watch videos of art lectures on various subjects. Just type art lectures into a search engine and you’ll find dozens of them!

Consider Award Winning Children’s Books

The Caldecott Award, given by The American Library Association annually since 1938, is a great place to start. This award honors outstanding children’s picture books published in English. Another good resource is Bank Street College of Education’s Best Children’s Books list . You can also search for lists on award-winning children’s books compiled by sources like The International Reading Association (IRA), Texas Tayshas State University (TTU), Horn Book, School Library Journal, Amazon and more.

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