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Are Mortgages Calculators Reliable? Can You Trust them?

When you’re opting for a mortgages to finance your new home, it is probably the best idea to use a mortgage calculator. But, are they reliable? Can you trust them? We’ll find this out in this article.

Today, we are going to tell you all you need to know about mortgage calculator Texas, and how reliable they are when you want to calculate the mortgage for your home.

Mortgage calculators provide good estimates, but…

What most people don’t know is that mortgage calculators do not give a full picture when it comes to costs. Some of the most important costs that mortgage calculators fail to recognize, which can give a deceptive result, include:


If loan borrowers get hold of private mortgages insurance, this can add more cost to the monthly payments that they will have to pay.

Your home’s location and employment status can also impact your mortgage. Moreover, there might also be important costs that may not be included in the mortgage but are still important to pay. For instance, purchasing flood insurance if your home is next to a river or lake, or hurricane insurance if you’re opting for a beach house or your house is near the sea. 

Moreover, if a house is in a subdivision, and includes a pool and tennis court, then this may come with HOA dues (Homeowner Association), as well as important swim club fees that have to be paid.

Plus, private mortgage insurance may also be needed to be purchased if the borrower does not pay a down payment of at least 20%. Annual premiums equal almost 1%, which can easily alter the final mortgaging cost a mortgage calculator might exhibit.

The current interest rate

Depending on what type you go for, mortgages loans do not account for variable interest rates. If interest rates tend to vary according to time, mortgage calculators will not produce accurate results.

Closing costs and fees

Closing costs and fees are some other important costs that are associated when financing a house, and that you should be aware of. Mortgage lenders usually charge different fees, in order to finance their own services. 

Some of these fees are processing fees, origination fees, and other fees. These are quite complicated costs and are not generally obvious to loan borrowers.

Property taxes

Most mortgage calculators don’t calculate property taxes accurately either, which can give out a false number as a result. Other important government taxes are to be paid by new homeowners, and these are separate from property taxes.

Credit scores

Credit scores are an important indicator of what type of loan you can borrow. Thus, mortgage calculators do not take into account any credit scores.

Final words

So, to sum it all up, mortgage calculators are a great way to quickly estimate monthly mortgage payments. But they do not give 100% reliable and accurate results. This is because most mortgage calculators only consider the principal and interest payments. 

Also, they are only accurate with the information you provide them with. Hence, you can expect perfect results if and only if you have accurate data handy. 


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