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All about Ashwagandha intake

There is huge importance of Ayurveda in India since ancient times. Our forefathers used Ayurveda as remedies for many ailments whether minor or major ones. Ayurveda, today, is adopted in many countries like China, Sri Lanka etc. due to its rich and magical remedial powers.

There are many shrubs used as ayurvedic remedy and Ashwagandha is one of them. Today, in this article, we are going to understand the uses of Ashwagandha extract and some safety measures before using it.

What is Ashwagandha?

It is a herb which is used to cure many diseases including anxiety and stress. It is treated like a medicine to increase energy. Since its name has been derived from the name of horse “Ashwa”, thus it is beneficial to boost one’s energy. Ashwagandha is  India’s one of the oldest medicines in its history. Depending upon what part of this shrub you are using, you may benefit from this and use it for different purposes.

Health benefits of its extract

    • Stress & anxiety reliever– It helps you relieve anxiety and lower your stress level. Research studies show that if you take ashwagandha extract for about 250 mg every day, you will probably feel less stress and anxiety
    • Arthritis treatment– It’s anti-inflammatory properties help in protecting the nervous system from pain. We can call it as a pain killer. There are many allopathic tablets are available in market, but they have side effects after their intake, so you should avoid such medicines and take ashwagandha instead. For this reason, research also has suggested it can treat arthritis as well.
  • Healthy heart- Ashwagandha root extract helps to keep you heart healthy, by reducing high blood pressure, chest pain, high cholesterol etc. Therefore, it helps to prevent a human body from heart ailments.
  • Cancer- Few research studies also suggest cancer prevention in animals can be done by ashwagandha intake as it reduces tumors in them and helps their body to stop the cancer cell growth in certain cases.

Its dosage and some safety measures you should follow

It is suggested that you may take 240 to 250 mg of ashwagandha extract. However, if you are using it in tablet form, you may take 1-2 tablets post your meals.

There are some precautionary measures you should follow before intake-

  • You should avoid taking before consultation of doctor if you are already suffering from any skin diseases and during pregnancy.
  • You should avoid excessive dosage because it may cause uterus contraction and miscarriages.
  • In case you have low blood pressure, It is recommended not to take it because it helps to lower down the blood pressure.
  • When in stomach problems like vomiting, upsetting, diarrhea etc. then you should avoid it in those cases.
  • It is highly not to take it before going for a surgery.

In a nutshell, It can be said that there are many benefits of ashwagandha without . Its side effects or any harm. However, we should take precautionary measures before ayurvedic herbs intake as it might be suitable for many and might not be for some depending upon the body and climate conditions.


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