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A natural and an anti- dandruff shampoo

Dandruff is a chronic problem that all of us encounter at some point of time in the our lives. It is marked by peeling of the skin on your scalp. This is not severe or infectious though at times would be hard to treat. A notable feature about dandruff is that it can be treated easily. The mild cases of dandruff are not going to require anything apart from the use of a Keto Max shampoo. Let us understand in details about an anti- dandruff shampoo at the earliest.

The symptoms of dandruff

Dandruff and its symptoms are easy to find since they are white flakes of dead skin that would dot your shoulders or hair along with an itchy scalp. During the winters condition tends to become worse as an indoor heating can lead to dry skin. Come the summer months condition works out to be better.

There is a kind of dandruff known as cradle cap that would affect the babies. The disorder can be a rusty, scalp and in new born babies tends to be widespread. It may happen anytime during the childhood phase. Though it may be upsetting for the parents the situation is not risky and would clear up on its own.

Dandruff does not indicate an intervention of the doctor. But in case that over the counter shampoos are not helping then Ketomac Shampoo content may suffice. If the scalp becomes swollen then it is necessary to get in the touch with a doctor who specializes in treatment of such skin conditions.

Are there any preventive measures for dandruff?

  • Regularly taking care of your hair- You have to comb your hair regularly, apply oil and thrice in a week apply shampoo as it would prevent dandruff.
  • Eradicate stress- if the levels of stress are high it can lead to numerous complications. Though there does not exist any direct connection between dandruff and stress, medical experts are of the view that reducing stress can trim down the dandruff levels to a considerable extent.
  • Foods that are a rich source of vitamin B and zinc or be it zinc has to be a vital component of your diet. This would regulate the amount of sebum that the body makes.

Home remedies of dealing with dandruff

  • Coconut oil- this is a natural remedy for dealing with dandruff. The use of warm coconut oil would enhance skin hydration and deal with dryness hence it helps to treat dandruff. Even it may be mixed with lemon to deal with dandruff.
  • Curd- Another popular home based remedy to deal with dandruff. You need to apply curd on to the scalp of your hair and allow it to remain for half an hour. Then you can rinse it off.
  • Orange peel- it is known to contain acidic peels that would lead to decrease in the production of excessive oil. This is going to deal with your dandruff issue completely

These are some of the home based remedies for dealing with dandruff.

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