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8 Simple and Effective Ways to Learn the English Language

English as a second language can be difficult initially, but eventually, you’ll realize that it’ll be a fun language to learn. The time and the efforts you’ve put in are worth it. You don’t have to wait for the new movie or the movie’s subtitles to learn the English Language. Here are various ways through which you can quickly discover the language:

1. Read everything you can get your hands on or what you see

English literature books, newspapers, paperbacks, classic books, websites, social media, articles, blogs, and much more. There’re various ways to learn and understand English and improve your English language. You can also start with NCERT solutions for class 10 English if you’re new to reading but want to read something more than basics.

While reading something of your interest, you’ll not get tired of reading and learning the new vocabulary. You’ll learn new words without even realizing it.

2. Try to learn by listening

Try to use podcasts or any way of listening. Textbooks are a great way to understand the concepts and the new vocabulary, but they’ll not be beneficial when carrying out the conversation. For that, you need to listen to podcasts or watch videos.

3. Don’t force yourself to memorize grammar rules

In language learning, some people believe that grammar is essential and needs your attention. Some people think grammar is proper, but it is only a tiny part of the language puzzle. People in the second group understand that the program’s rules are vague, often violated, and often come with a list of exceptions and exceptional usage cases. Also, widely spoken languages, such as English, are constantly changing.

4. Think about how you’ll use the grammar

Think about why you are learning English (e.g., studying abroad or doing business). Now, think of the kinds of situations you will use English. If you are reading, you will probably listen to long speeches and need to be able to understand the speaker and take notes in English.

Even when traveling, you will need many phrases that you are comfortable speaking about in different contexts. If you are going to do work over the phone, you will need to be able to listen to someone on the phone and respond appropriately. Each of these situations is slightly different and means that you have to do more or less to listen, read, write, and practice speaking.

5. Ask questions

Think of all the questions you can ask. We know it’ll be hectic for a while, but you’ll learn from that. As you’ll get many questions/queries when you start studying, don’t sit and do nothing; ask your doubts and clear every concept. But if you’re learning all by yourself, take help from the blogs or any other language learning websites to which you’re comfortable referring. You can also ask other learners on the websites. You can also refer to NCERT solutions for class 7 English to clear your basics. 

6. Don’t push yourself while you’re down

Think of it in this way if you try to do anything while you’re down, you’ll get bored quickly with that and end up not doing it again. Don’t push yourself too hard. If you’re down, leave the topic, do what makes you happy, and start your studies again afterward. When you’re so glad, you start taking an interest in anything and understand the concepts effectively. 

7. Maintain a journal

Maintain a diary or journal; it is essential. Note down all the things you want to write about. Use all the words you’ve learned every day in writing. While reading a new series of words, at first it seems interesting, but with time being, you’ll start to forget them, and all your hard work will go in vain. 

8. Take online lessons/videos on YouTube

There are many courses available online. A quick search will show you a list of training providers. However, it can be costly if you rely solely on Skype 1: 1 lessons to improve. Another way to reduce costs is to supplement your studies with an online English learning program. You enjoy saving more than 50% using an online program to increase your ongoing classes.

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