7 Steps To Choose The Right Medical Negligence Solicitor

Choosing a solicitor for any specific case might seem easy to most people, but the process varies from area to area. Medical negligence is one of the special areas of law, which involves helping people who may have suffered due to negligence of medical care from any healthcare provider. For your case, you need to engage with a solicitor who is an expert in this area and understands all the nuances of medical law. To help you make the right decision in choosing the right medical negligence solicitor, we have compiled a few important steps. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the experienced, expert, professional and dedicated medical negligence solicitor for your case.

Find a genuine specialist

Many solicitors in this business claim to be specialists in medical negligence. However, not every one of them has the proficiency you are expecting. A specialist medical negligence solicitor may have expertise in more than one field. For example, dental negligence solicitors may have an expertise in surgery negligence claims, delayed diagnosis claims, or personal injury claims. Search for an online profile of the solicitor and look for the accreditation.

Check for their accreditation

To find the right medical negligence solicitor for your case, look them up on the law society solicitor database and check for their areas of practice. Proceed only if you find medical negligence subheading on the list. After that, check their accreditation to see whether or not they are accredited by a recognised professional body. Their solicitor accreditation program acts as a mark of quality for their specialism.

Check the solicitor’s medical negligence experience

If you find a solicitor experienced enough in the medical negligence field, chances are high that your claim might be more successful. While first approaching your solicitor, make sure to ask about their experience in similar cases. It is important to understand both the firm’s and solicitor’s experience who will be representing you. Make sure to choose the one with high knowledge, experience and dedication towards the field.

Understand the value of your claim

Choosing an experienced medical negligence solicitor will help you understand the value of your medical negligence claim. If your case has enough strength, your experienced solicitor will examine your records and communicate with you in detail about your records. To make sure your case is strong enough, you must prove that the act of negligence resulted in injury. The proof will help you expect a better outcome from your case. Your time frame in which you can make a claim plays a crucial role here, so make sure to keep this point into consideration.

Know about the fee of solicitor

While searching for medical negligence solicitors, shortlist a few with enough knowledge and experience related to your case. It is important to get information about their legal fees. A solicitor is legally obliged to provide you with information about their fee and overall charges. Where the solicitor can’t give you the exact figure at the initial stage, ask them to provide you with an estimate of the associated costs.

Check for the online reviews

Medical negligence solicitors with public profiles have reviews and feedback from the people who have worked with them. Before proceeding to hire one, it is important to check these reviews if possible. These reviews and comments are genuine and help you determine whether they are worth your investment. Getting the consensus about the relationship of a solicitor with their previous clients can be strong proof of the solicitor’s ability. It also helps you determine if you will be able to form a successful relationship with them.

Make sure the solicitor will meet your expectation

When bringing a medical negligence claim, you will be working with your solicitors for months before the final result. Therefore, your solicitor must meet all your expectations. Your solicitor must ensure you that you are working with the right representative. Look for the following qualities in your solicitor:

  • Strong listening skills
  • Better communication skills
  • Soft behaviour
  • A clear and straightforward approach
  • Friendly yet professional personality
  • Dedication towards justice

Use your initial meetings to verify that your solicitor demonstrates all these characteristics, and you would work happily with them across your case.

Final verdict

When making a medical negligence claim, choosing the right solicitor plays a vital role in your success. A better solicitor determines that your case is handled compassionately and professionally, you receive compensation for what you have gone through, or you feel like justice is given. A medical negligence solicitor will have a heavy influence on all of these. Therefore, it is essential to consider all the important factors while choosing a solicitor and work with a specialist who is responsive and committed to achieving the best outcome.


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