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5 Ways to Happily Save and Remember Your Travel Memories

Luxurious in most cases yet can be made a way for affordability to be achieved, traveling is definitely one of the best ways to de-stress. Amidst all the responsibilities you have in life, going on a leisure trip is a breather you need or a reward you deserve. Relax and unwind. Time is gold, and life is not that long. While you can, bag home travel memories that you will forever keep.   

Some people cannot always recall in detail how their trip went. Their heart just knows that the feeling of joy and excitement they carry at the exact moment is incomparable. It’s possible that they visualize a few of the happenings but not every part of it. Such a thing usually happens when you are at an event that feels surreal to you, such as attending your favorite artist’s concert or your own wedding day. 

When that kind of experience comes to you after your trip, you’d wish you could call to mind more. There’s a pint of regret attached to the feeling of relief that you lived in the moment. But if you do your trip more wisely and refreshingly, there’s no need to regret anything. You can fully enjoy the trip while securing good recollections. 

Here are 5 ways to happily save and remember your travel memories.  

1 – Take photos and videos

travel memories

It’s a basic travel essential that every traveler cannot and must not forget. Take photos and photos – a lot of them! 

Bring a well-working camera or your smartphone. If you need some camera accessories for your travel photography goals, bring them responsibly. As much as possible, do not pack big, bulky and heavy devices. There are smaller, lighter and easier options today, especially because smartphones today are multipurpose multimedia gadgets. Choose what’s convenient to carry for trips, so you will not go through trouble for your luggage. 

Taking photos is the least yet also the best you can do to save memories for free and in an instant! With just one click, you can take a shot of a popular tourist attraction that you’ve only seen in others’ photos but is not in front of your own eyes. 

Do not hesitate to take pictures and to record videos. You get only that moment, and even if you come back to that place, it’s never the same as the first time. No two trips in the same place are ever the same. 

Photographs and videos saved to your drive are freely yours forever! You can always reminisce about your dear trips when you have those files. 

2 – Bring home travel souvenirs.

In famous tourist attractions, and generally in every country, you can find stores where you can buy local food and local items packed for trips – flying, sailing or running on ground. They are sold for tourists to bring back home. Failing to visit a souvenir shop during your trip is one of the biggest mistakes tourists may commit.

Bring home travel souvenirs! Allocate a budget for these special remembrances which you cannot find anywhere else in the world. You may be able to find something similar or create your own, but the essence of those souvenirs being proof of your extraordinary travel experience exists only when you personally buy them where you travel. 

Mementos from trips will always have a sentimental value, so even when years pass, you will not feel like wanting to throw them away. They remind you of great travel memories, so they are absolutely notable, regardless of their size or price. 

What’s more, you can buy travel souvenirs to give to your family and friends at home. See them smile while receiving your love through remembering them while you are on a trip. 

3 – Don’t travel to impress others.


Some people travel only to show off and brag. They want to make others envious about where they go when they travel, or to show their financial capability. This is very unhelpful.

Do not travel to impress others. If you think of what others will say or of how others will praise your trips, you will not be able to focus on enjoying. Your mind is all about how to make your trip look good and fun in front of other people, particularly on social media. You will not totally appreciate the wonderful moments of your trip.

Travel for yourself. Be rejuvenated. Ease off. Leave the world’s stresses behind. Aim for renewal and revitalization. When you do it for your own goodness’ sake, you can create happier and more fuller memories.  

4 – Clearly see and be in the moment.

Be there physically and mentally. Open your eyes wide. Feel the air hitting your skin. Your eyes are better than camera lenses. Even the highest quality of cameras have no match to the experience of seeing the world’s astounding wonders with your own eyes. Clearly see the moment and be in it. If you concentrate on that, you will be able to save and remember memories extra purely and sharply. 

5 – Allow spontaneity sometimes. 

travel memories

Unique occasions in your trips make the most hard-to-forget moments. They become travel highlights that make remembering your trip awesome! Although planning your trips beforehand is a must if you want a sure and safe travel, allow spontaneity sometimes. 

Instead of locking yourself up in your booked hotel accommodation during your free time, try strolling around. Go for on-the-spot adventure rides. Walk in museums, gardens and galleries even without pre-booked reservations. Experience local street food culture. Do some things outside your travel plan. Welcome discoveries. Get ready for explorations. As long as you can stay safe, they will certainly be beautifully remarkable memories! 



Forgetting the details of your trip is probably easier than remembering them. Nonetheless, if you prepare for your trip well and keep in mind what you have to do to make awesome memories last in your mind, you can avoid being forgetful. Like what the list above tells, if you make your memory hoarding intentional, you can remember it all.     



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales which provides a rewarding stay and a close reach of Australia’s noteworthy features. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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